Jaldi Shadi ke liye Wazifa Surah Taha

As per Islam marriage is legal contract between two people. Nikah is important part of Muslim’s marriage it is a non-temporary marriage with the removal of some conditions permitted by some Sunni Muslims. Which usually amount to the wife waiving her right to sustenance from her husband? Marriage is an act of Sunnah in Islam and is strongly recommended. In holy Quran it is mentioned that every girl and boy is to get married at right age as per Shariyah law. Delay in marriage leads to misleading of path in life where distraction accompanies. There can be many reasons in marriage delay sometimes it is due to family troubles and issues or sometimes one does not get right person for marriage.

To overcome the hurdle or troubles in marriage one can seek for shadi ke liye wazifa in Urdu which has powerful result to solve the problem. Many Islamic scholars or specialist guides for wazifa which is to be practiced at particular period of time. One should have faith in Almighty Allah that he is merciful and has good wishes for his followers. Shadi ke liye wazifa Surah Taha is said to be most beneficial in scriptures. Molvi or Alim suggest to practice this wazifa after offering Salah at night while sitting on prayer mat recite Surah Taha 11 times daily for 21 days. In continuation, with DaroodPaak 7 times and pray for your marriage. This is the best shadi k liye wazifa in Urdu as mentioned and guided.

shadi ke liye wazifa in Urdu

Shadi ke liye wazifa ubqari is another best wazifa which is recommended by the specialist and one can seek for this wazifa for instant results as well.

  • If one is planning to get married with any suitable Muslim boy or girl then they can perform this whenever you want to.
  • After freeing yourself from entire work just before going to bed to sleep, make a fresh ablution.
  • Recite DuroodPaak 11 times the recite Surah Ikhlas 41 times again recite DuroodPaak 11 times in continuation.
  • Make a duafor your desire of marriage with any special person whom you are willing to get marry.
  • Shadi k liye wazifa ubqari has to be practiced for 90 days regularly without skipping any single day.

Ramazan is the most precious month in Islamic calendar. It is the month in which holy Quran was revealed, guidance for mankind and clear proof of guidance and the criterion. During ramzan the prayers of Muslim increases the chastity and purity signifies each passing day. Molvi or specialist and books tell us that if any prayer recited in this month had power and will result instantly. Shadik liyewazifa in Ramzanshall be practiced between 11th and 12th fast after offering Salah of Ishaa. 12 nafilprayer divided in 2 parts each. In every part after Surah-e-Fathia, Surah-e-Ikhlas is to be recited 12 times. After completing 12 Nafil prayer 100 times Urood-e-Ibrahim is to read and recited and in continuation pray for your marriage. Shadi k liye wazifa in Ramadan in today’s time several couples and families who pursue relationship on advice of scholars practice it. Indeed, there cannot be a more sacred time than the holy month to offer shadi k liye wazifa in Ramzan. Hence, it is noted that there has been a spurt in cases of couples approaching the right experts for shadi k liye wazifa in Ramadan.

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