Dua To Punish And Destroy Enemy Immediately

All those people who are suffering from the physical and financial attacks of their enemies can recite this dua to punish enemies. With the help of this dua to punish enemies, they can request the greatest of all – Allah Subhan Wa Taalah to punish their enemies. First of all, the person should make his mind calm. Even if you have suffered a lot still you need to calm down to think straight because enemies can be of many types. Some enemies are those whom you had trusted a lot but they have broken your trust. Some enemies might be your family members. No matter how much pain your enemy has given you. You first need to console yourself, and then you can read this Islamic dua. “Haas Bya Allaah waa Naa’mel Waakeel.

surah for enemies

You can also practice the dua to punish enemies. By practicing this wazifa to defeat enemy, you can easily defeat your enemy, in business or in something important. Some people also want to destroy their enemy immediately. For this, our Islamic guru offers a strong and powerful dua to destroy enemy immediately. By reading the dua to destroy enemy immediately, your enemy will face serious troubles in his own life and he or she shall not get any time to plan or do something against you or your loved ones.The dua to destroy enemy immediately is – Allaaahummaa Aantaa Adhudee waa aantaa naaseeree bikaa aajoolu waa bikaa aasoolu waa bikaa uqaaaatilu.

There is also surah for enemies by reading this surah you can punish your enemies for harming you. This surah for enemies is Surah Ikhlas. By reading Surah Ikhlas you can punish your enemies. To get the maximum benefit, you can recite the surah in the following way –

  • First recite Durood Shareef 100 times.
  • Then recite Surah Ikhlaas 400 times.
  • Then again recite Durood Shareef 100 times at the end.
  • In sha Allah, after doing this if you will pray to Allah subhan wa taalah, then certainly your enemies will get punished for hurting and harming you, in any way.

We all have enemies, some are casual while some are dangerous, for such dangerous people, we need this dua for punishing our enemies. Our Islamic mudaris knows that our enemies create lot of troubles for us and we generally are not able to punish our enemies. This is why; he searched for wazifa and dua from the Islamic books. A special dua for different scenarios is available here. The enemies can cause lot of damages to us. Sometimes our friends also become our enemies. Therefore, in order to stay protected and safe, you need to meet our Dua expert molvi sahib.

For all those people who want to punish their enemies and want to take revenge from their enemies they can read the above dua after taking a confirmation from us on call or email. These powerful dua and wazifa to punish and defeat enemies are in use from ages, hope, they work for you too!

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