Islamic Dua For Get Ex Love back

Dua For Get Ex Love back

Hello Brother / Sisters Do You Want Back Your Ex Love in Your Life. If Yes So Learn Here Most Effective Dua for Get Your Ex Love Back Permanently.

Effective Dua To Get Ex back

  • Start with a fresh wuzu (cleaning process)
  • After that, take some cardamon and recite Darod Sharif 9 times.
  • Now recite this ayat “Allazeena sabaroo wa ‘alaa Rabbihim yatawak kaloon” 99 times
  • Again chant Darood Sharif nine times.
  • Now take your love’s name, blow on the cardamon, and put it in anything related to your love.
  • Pray to Allah to make your ex love come back into your life inshallah.
  • You will get the result in 3 days.

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Love is always taken as a god gift. Still, people used to do mistakes while in love which sometimes becomes the major cause of separation. Dua for ex-love back helps such couples very effectively and without wasting any much time. Many have seen a great change in their life by performing Dua regularly. It is the Muslim prayer that a person should have to perform carefully. Dua will make a person connect them to Allah and ask for guidance. Allah always listens to the prayer of the people and makes them solve their problems. A person who has Allah with them can protect themselves from uncertain situations. Any love problem a person can solve with the grace of Allah. Dua for ex-love back will take you to see the change in your love life. The separated love will very soon come back and one can again start a new life with their lover. Either it is their personal misunderstanding or any third person or external energy creates the trouble in relation can simply solve. Dua is easy to perform but one has to perform Dua with great dedication. It is necessary to seek Allah’s help. For any love problem get genuine Dua from an expert. This Dua will surely improve the love relationship and creates a strong bond.

Love always makes us start feeling about another person. Suddenly a stranger has become so important to us that we cannot live without them. That person has become a necessity for them. But with the passage of time, we do forget the importance of love in our life. This makes us get away from our love. A person who cannot live without love now has to live alone. Today this has become the major reason for stress and depression among the people. Dua for ex love back is the possible way of solving the love problems. This Dua should always perform with pure intentions. People who have performed Dua till now they have seen that their problems are out from their life.

Powerful dua for lost love

The greater part of individuals can not comprehend the indications of genuine love. First they didn’t mind of their sweetheart or their beau and sweetheart yet when separate occurs. Then, at that point, they understand that they did a serious mix-up and afterward the downturn begins when they missing their accomplice or sweetheart.

In case you are additionally one of them. Presently we can give you the genuine and viable answer for bring back your lost love. Incredible dua for lost love back will assist you with bringing back lost love. Everybody needs an incredible dua for lost love back and on the grounds that allah just can help you. So presently don’t burn through your time and get back your lost love from this amazing dua. Dua will help you and dua have such a lot of forces to bring somebody back in a less time.

We see that such countless individuals are miserable today in light of their lost love. They miss their sweetheart constantly and they can not accomplish any work and never be cheerful. So attempt to comprehend the dua controls and have faith in the worth of dua on the grounds that that is the legitimate pak approach to satisfy your all desires.

How to perform the dua for love back:-

  • You should perform that dua after magrib namaz.
  • Read that in the wuzu halaat.
  • Be asure that your body and clothes are clean.
  • First read durood shareef 3 times.
  • Then read “ ya wadoodoo ya rufoo ya raheemo” 150 times.
  • When you read this dua you should imagine that your lover is front of your eyes.
  • Believe in that dua that it will bring back your lost love in 3-5 days.

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Dua To Get Your Ex Lover Back by Quran Kareem

Dua To Get Your Ex Lover Back Through The Power of Quran Kareem , According to the Quran, everything was decided about life and our fortune even before we were born. But, no one can deny the power of dua.

Sometimes people get disappointed and tend to give up their lives. But we should never underestimate the power of dua. Your prayer can bring your love back. You might have lost all your hopes to get back your ex-lover. Here we have provided a wazifa which you can recite to get your ex-lover back.

Read this wazifa with a clean heart –
Recite ” Allahu Kaafi Al Kaafi Al Kaafi Wa Qassad Hul Kaafii Wa Jaddahuull Kaafi Bi Kaafi Yal Kaafi Wa Kafa Niyal Kaafi Wanimal Kaafi Wa Lillahil Hamdoo” for 111 times after morning and night prayer.
Read Durood Shareef 11 times before and after this wazifa.

Insha Allah, this will help you. Often seen those human offer prayers but didn’t get any intentions fulfilled because their heart is not clean. Don’t make yourself be one of them.
So make sure you read this with your clean heart. You will surely get the second chance to bloom up the lost love in your life back. It will not be easy to convince the ex but not impossible.
It is tough to deal with a broken heart. Once you lose a genuine person, it becomes challenging to get them back again. This will make him fall for you if you perform this correctly.

Powerful Dua/Wazifa to get your ex lover back

It is very important for those who have lost their love of life. And want to get their ex-love back. If you are having a hard time living without the love of your life, then follow this Dua to get lost love back to see the results effectively in just upcoming days. The most difficult thing for anyone. Such pain is tough to touch and survive without the guy.

A person will take wazifa’s support Dua to get my ex lover back in 24 hours for this. It is incredibly complex to have a love relationship. It will put minor problems to an end. It usually stops when there’s a loss of faith. We would like to trust the person if we love someone. It is the necessary need for a relationship of love that the 2 individuals who love each other should trust each other.

Precautions to Perform Dua to Get My Ex Lover Back

  • Firstly, make fresh wuzu.
  • This gets my ex-love back by wazifa should be performed in the nighttime.
  • Now Recite Durood Shareef 21 times.
  • Then you should read this dua for getting ex lover back – Yaa Allahu Yaa Rahman Ta Rahimi.
  • Then again read durood Shareef 5 times.
  • Then came a prayer to Allah SWT with a clean heart.
  • Do this Wazifa for at least 7 days to see the results.

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Dua to get your ex lover back through the power of quran kareem

Misunderstandings, disputes are all part of a relationship. Yet once these clashes and debates become too commonplace that they weaken the stability of the partnership, the main struggle starts. If you want to attract someone, then you also read this Dua for love and attraction. It will help you attract someone.

Are you just looking for a dua to return your lost love as you have lost your love because of all these matters of relationship? Then stop my friend here because today we will share with you within some effective and productive Dua to get my ex lover back.

Have you done anything but can’t get your love back yet? Then try this strong Dua to bring back your lost love. Because of a lot of reasons, love in the relationship may drain. Because of the strain of employment, the stress of obligations and aspirations, it can be reduced.

This Dua is not only to inspire my former lover to buy back your love, it also enkindles affection, respect, and devotion to protect your lover’s core relationship so that you don’t have to face again this day in your relationship, follow Dua to get my ex lover back to see the results instantly.

You will make the Dua so that my former lover can be taken back and the couples that fear their partners are drawing to another and losing faith in you can save your lover from the other person’s clutches. If your ex lover is under someone love, then you can break their relationship to read this Dua to Break Up a Couple or Separate Two Persons.


Love is considered as a feeling which is essential for living a happy life. Loving someone and loved by one is the precious gift given by God, and it will strengthen to do better in our life. Falling in love is beautiful; it becomes more beautiful when you get a companion as you want; he or she cares and understands you; all this makes life much happening than living alone. Perform these wazifa and dua to get my ex love back. If you want an immediate result, then contact Molana Ji.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question:- Which powerful dua is to get love back?

Answer:- If you have lost you loved person due to some misunderstanding or ego, then definitely you should pray for the Powerful Dua To Get Love Back with a pure intention by following all the procedures and precautions properly. This will help you to bring your love back without any doubt.

Question:-Has Allah ever answered your dua instantaneously?

Answer:- If you are going through any kind of worst situation or if you are facing any trouble that you want to overcome very soon then you should definitely pray for the dua to get the solution of your problem directly from Allah. If you pray intensely by your heart then it might be possible that Allah will give you the solution through your dream.

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