which Dua for husband to listen to his wife

Marriage is a beautiful step taken by two different souls. Marriage creates a strong bond between a man and a woman. In this article, we are giving the best Dua for a husband to listen to his wife. After marriage, they are called wife and husband. Husband and wife are like Tom and Jerry, who always fight and cannot live without each other.

The wife and husband leave happily when they ignore small things and wait patiently to listen to their partner when they are in anger. They should not fight for small things, which leads to destroying the peace in their lives. They should wait for the right moment and try to let them know their mistakes. This Dua for a husband to listen to his wife for you.

They should work together to lead an excellent life. They should not leave one another due to some small issues. In their relationship, love, trust, honesty, respect, and care for one another should dominate ego. If life goes in this way, no one can stop you from achieving anything.

Dua for a husband to love his wife only

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In every relationship, one should listen to others, and one should think from other points of view. According to them, if your point is not correct, then you should not agree with their point, and later you can give a reason to support your answer.

If you are thinking in the same way, then you can move on genuinely in any relationship. But every person must and should listen to other words because they also think about you and give you some suggestions or advice to help you achieve something.

Working Dua for a husband to listen to his wife

If you want to lead a happy and beautiful married life, then you must share your feelings with your partner. Try to know one thing in every relationship fights are common, but the most important thing is how did you handle that situation. Try to solve that with your true heart.

Sometimes we also see many people do not forget our lover. They are broken by our hearts and regret daily. If you are also broken because of your lover, you can read this article Dua To Heal a Broken Heart. This will help you for solving this problem.

If your husband or wife wants a divorce with you and you don’t want this to happen, you can react to this Dua to Stop Divorce. This dua will help you stop your Divorce, and your marriage life will be good like before.

Reasons Why Your Husband Won’t Listen to You

People’s mindset is different. Different people have different opinions on their lives. Some husbands think like their wives are not that capable to take decisions about their lives.

They know only cooking, cleaning, washing clothes, and taking care of the family. They assume like wives don’t know about what is going on in their surroundings. They will think like they only know everything that is happening in the world, so they think like only they are capable of making the right decisions.

Wives should follow the instructions of her husband. Some husbands dominate their wives until their death. They think like they are superior to their wives, and they have the right to do whatever they like.
Some husbands always control their wives in each and everything. They don’t want their wives to involve in every matter. Thinking in that ways makes some husbands not listen to their wives.

Every wife thinks like her husband should listen to her and must and should love her and treat her with respect and dignity. She may have a lot of expectations about her husband’s behavior towards her.

She always wants her husband to take good care of her. But if she fails to reach her expectations, she will be depressed. She tries to end her life.
Husbands also try their best to show their love towards their wives. They also take good care of their wives. They will stay with their wives when they are facing problems. But due to a lot of stressful life conditions and challenges, they are unable to listen to their wives. As the stress levels increase, that affects the behavior of them.

He might be frustrated due to workload and responsibilities so that he starts neglecting you and your opinions. Not only that reason but also some experiences also make your husband not listen to you. For example, when he listen to you and apply your suggestion if he has failed in achieving success, then definitely he will make sure that once again, not listen to your advice. He will get an impression like my wife always gives wrong suggestions.

Best Powerful Dua for a husband to listen to his wife

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Perform This Dua for a husband to listen to his wife

If your married life is not on the right track and if your husband is not listening to your suggestions, try to convince him to listen to you differently. You should perform this dua for the husband to listen to his wife.

Allahumma Sallie Ale Muhammad WA Ale Aali

Muhammadeen Kama Sallaita Ale Ibrahim Wa Ale

Aali Ibrahim InakaHamdumMaajid. Allahumma

Barik Ala MuhammadeenWa Ala Ali

Muhammadeen Kama Barakta Ala Ibrahim

Wa Ala Aali Ibrahim Inna aka Hami dumMaajid

This is best dua for a husband to love his wife only. Wives should recite this dua daily after fajr namaz.

How to make your husband crazy in love?

For example, for some time, make him cool by cooking his favorite dishes, when his angry levels were reduced, try to convince him to listen to you, try to do the works in favor of him, let him know how much you love him, show your love, care, concern towards him, tell him that you can do anything for him and he is your world if everyone does such type of things definitely every husband melt and listens to their wives because love can melt anyone.

If you want your husband to love you madly and pay all his attention to you, and became crazy in love with you, then you can read this article Wazifa to make your husband crazy in love. This will solve this problem.

Let your husband know your intentions behind your advice or suggestions. If it is your mistake, then say sorry instantly without late. Try to find out the ways to make your husband will listen to you. Try to engage him in your love and make him listen to you.

Wazifa for a husband to listen to his wife

If your husband is still not listening to you, then don’t worry. If he doesn’t give value to the point of view, don’t get disheartened and don’t think your married life is not that good. If you are troubled with your husband’s behavior and want him to listen to you, then try to recite the dua for husband to listen to his wife.

LaaIlaha Illa anta subhanakainnykuntuminazzaalimeen.

Recite this wazifa with a good heart without bad intentions. This will give you amazing results. This will give you control over him. This will help you to take part in decision-making along with your husband. Your husband will be obedient and sensitive to you.

This dua for the husband to listen to his wife will change the perspective of your husband. He will give you equal rights and takes suggestions, and applies them when he is needed. Not only that, dua, you can also try powerful dua to control your husband. This dua also very effective and helps to change your husband’s nature and behavior towards you. Definitely, he will give you the first preference and listens to your every word.


Husband and wife play an extraordinary role in this world. They are like the wings of this beautiful world. Without them, this world is nothing. These are the best dua for a husband to listen to his wife. Allah will accept your dua If you will perform these duas from the heart. If you want immediate results then contact us.

Our world can move on when they are together and makes the works together. The two souls of wife and husband should unite to make this world beautiful. If anyone is not able to fulfill their responsibilities, their lives become waste.

There are many reasons like miscommunication, misunderstanding, premarital affairs, etc. to raise the disputes between wife and husband. Such types of issues might be the reasons for husbands not listening to their wives.

The husbands’ ego and their superiority feelings also make them not listen to their wives. In that case, wives feel hurt and want their husbands to listen to them so that they will take the help of Allah the Almighty by reciting the dua for the husband to listen to the wife. This dua has great power, which changes husbands’ behavior and makes them listen to their wives.

In dua and dua to increase love between wife and husband, Powerful dua to control husband also performed by some wives to make their husbands obedient to them. These duas are so much powerful and show their effects within a short period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 How do I control my husband on Wazifa?

Ans: If you want to control your husband, You should perform dua to control husband. If you don’t know dua for this you can contact with us. Molana Ji will give you the best dua to change husband’s mind.

Q.2 How can I get my husband to listen to my wife?

Ans: We have given many wazifa and Dua for husband to listen to his wife. If these duas are not working. You can consult with us.

Q.3 Which Surah is good for husband and wife?

Ans: Recite Surah Ikhlas 786 times. It’s the best Surah for husband and wife.