which Dua for getting lost love back

Life is boring without love. Love is part and parcel of everyone’s life. Love makes life beautiful and unforgettable. Here we are sharing some Dua for getting lost love back. From performing these duas, you can get your love back. Every moment seems to be memorable when people are in love. Life is a long journey with lots of memories and experiences.

Life becomes complete or fulfilled when there is a person who cares for you, loves you, and shows concern. When there is no one to care about, you don’t lose hope.

What is Dua for love?

You will meet a person in your life who loves you the most and stays with you in your hard times. If you are also facing a problem in your love and you want to get back your love then you are in the right place, here you will get many Dua for getting lost love back.

Love is a powerful weapon to change one’s state of mind. It helps depressed people to come out from that thinking. Love changes one’s way of living. You also turn your life according to your loved ones’ tastes. Love makes you sacrifice many things. Love changes your life. People feel happy when they are in love.

In this article, we have covered the best Dua for getting lost love back. If you need any other help, you can contact our Maulana Ji on WhatsApp.

Love helps to increase your potential to work. When you are in love, that increases your positive energy, impacting your success either in a job or life or in both. Love has great power.

Love can heal the wound in any part of the body. Love may be felt after first sight or after spending some time with the loved one. Love teaches some valuable things.

There are many reasons for the break-up in love but if you want them back then do Dua to Get Someone Back in Your Life. Some families don’t accept love. This is a significant problem in our society. They believe that modern love is not valid. There is so much difference between true love and modern love these days. Modern love leads to many disturbances in their lives. One of the two may not be comfortable with the other In such a case, they decide to break-up.

Nowadays, we can see many love failures. Ego dominates love; that might be the main reason for love failure. So one should know the difference between true love and modern love.

If you confirm that it is true love, then dominate ego with your passion. If both of you have problems with one another, then try to solve them by yourself. Stay together in tough times and help each other, which leads to your happiness. Avoid habits that make both of you worry.

Before any Dua for getting lost love back, I want to give you some tips to get your love back.

Powerful Dua for getting lost love back

You should keep in mind during performing this dua, that this dua will work slowly. If you want an immediate result, you should contact Molana Ji. Don’t be confused, just click on Consult With us button and contact Molana Ji. You will get your love in 3 days.

Dua to get your love back

When your loved ones leave, you don’t feel awkward or painful. Try to know the reasons behind your pain. Think again and again why your lover left you, leaving you alone.

If there is a mistake from your side, discuss it with your loved ones, and apologize.
Feel free to say sorry and try to reunite with your lover. If there is a mistake from your lover’s side, try to say that mistake smoothly to your loved one. Still,

If your loved one cannot understand their mistake, then take the help of your friends to solve your problem.
Friends are the best mediators to solve any problem. If the problem is not yet solved, don’t worry, ask your parents to solve your problem. Suppose your parents agreed to your love and then do Dua For Marriage With a Loved One .
If the other cannot understand you and still wants you to leave, don’t lose hope. Let them go away. After a few days, you will meet a person who loves you the most in this world.

Suppose the memories and experiences are very much challenging for you to forget. Those thoughts in your mind kill you silently. The moment when he or she left, you give great pain, which is very tough to bear.

That pain makes you mentally weak. You may face many difficulties to forget your love. Those thoughts in your mind complete your interest in life. You should ignore all those memories and move on.

How to get rid of heartbroken pain?

If you want to get out of that pain, then take the help of your family. Family of many relations helps you to forget that pain. Let them know your problem and the reason for that pain. They will understand you and yells about both’ mistakes, and they will give you the best solution for your situation.

We also share some dua in This video So you can also watch this video it will also assist you for Dua for getting lost love back

Your family stays with you and tries to heal the wound in your heart. Not only your family, your family, your friends also help during this challenging period. Spend time with them to forget about your lover. Plan something like going on a trip with your family and friends, attending functions. This type of activity makes you forget that fellow who left you alone.

Try to engage in works like learning different languages, writing articles, drawing books, cooking, dancing, etc and read Dua To Heal a Broken Heart This helps you for sure to improve your knowledge and enrich your experiences. Those activities make you busy learning so that there will be no time to think about your lover. This type of training makes you different from others, and you will come to know how to handle the situations.

Still, if you miss your loved one badly, then go to your lover and tell that fellow how badly you miss him/her. Tell your lover why you want that person in your life. If your lover cannot clarify your feelings, ask your lover to think sometime about you.

Some most powerful Dua for getting lost love back

Ask God with a heart to get her/him back to you. For that, you should recite the wazifa to get lost love back for sure this dua reaches to God directly. It will not work out immediately, but surely, it will help and get your lover back to you after a few couples of weeks.

It is an opportunity to make a request to Allah the almighty. Lord definitely will solve your problem. This dua was written in the holy book Quran. It is best dua to make someone love you back. It is compelling and convincing. Surely you will be happy.

1st Dua for getting lost love back

This is the best dua to get ex back. Recite this dua after fajr namaz at least 50 times.
“Allaummaj-almin azwajina, wah dhuriyaatina qurata a-ayunin waj-alna lil mutaqena imaama”

Dua to get someone back in your life

Recite this dua after isha Namaz. It’s the best Dua for getting lost love back
“Laa qadd aa qum rasulam min anfuu seekum azee zun alai hee maa anee tumm haree sum alai kumm bil mu meeninaa raauphurr Raheem”


This article is all about Dua for getting lost love back. Suppose these duas are not working for you. You should contact our Maulana Ji. Maulana Ji will help you with the best dua to make someone love you back.

Frequently asked questions.

Question – How can I get back, my love?

Answer – Tell your lover about your situation after he/she leaves you. Promise to your lover that you will take care of her/him until your last breath. Let that person know how madly you are in love with him/her. Explain your pain. If there is a mistake of anyone, then try to find that and discuss that. If you have committed a wrong, then apologize to her/him. Tell them that you won’t repeat that.

Question – Will Allah help me when I perform the Dua for getting lost love back?

Answer – Surely Allah will help you when you need him. God will give you a chance if you recite the Dua for getting lost love back with humility and sincerity. Allah responds to your prayer and solves your difficulties, and after a few days, your lover will come back to you.

Question – Can dua change one’s destiny?

Answer – Of course, it will because the Lord listens to your prayers and responds to you. He will make sure that your problem is to get resolved. Allah is the ruler of this beautiful world. He tells you the path to lead a happy life. If you offer prayers to him with the heart, he will always be by your side. . Dua is the available tool to communicate with the God Allah the almighty. Finally, after all this, dua has the power to change one’s destiny

Question – Can I pray in mind?

Answer – Yes, why not? God knows everything. He can read your thoughts, and when you pray him in mind, he will listen to you. Other than that, better work is to speak loud and tell your problems to God. That is the most useful thing to communicate with God.

Question – How can I change my mind and forget my love if I don’t want to stay with him/her?

Answer – Try to spend time with your family and friends. Your family will help you in a great way to change your mindset. You also try to be busy learning something like cooking, reading, etc.