Dua To Make Your Husband Love and Obey You

All women are rightful to love and attention. The loving alternative is trust and relinquished (obeying) comes when you have that level of understanding that you keep your ego asides and gives equal respect and respond to your wife’s opinion. Respecting and understanding the views of your partner or can say better halves one makes your relationship more smooth and creamy. Keeping transparency in a relationship also makes it run smoothly and Lovely.

Being loyal to your partner then your relationship is blessed with dua for husband love.We all know that dua for husband love helps wives to live their life peacefully, the importance of love in one couples life is as essential as oxygen for being alive. This dua for love when accessible makes the Life of a woman not less than any fairy tale imagined in her childhood. Respect this Holy dua for love because these are very powerful and worth saving relationships.

Dua to make your husband love and obey you

The relation of husband and wife is the most beautiful relation after the relation of Motherhood.

Islamic Dua for husband love helps those wives in this world who are not living happily with their husbands. But every woman is not privileged with love able and respectful relationships with husbands. So if you wanted to grow a healthy and successful marriage then have to follow some disciplines. Creating or taking some initiative to gain love from husband and control over him so that he could listen to wife one must follow this:

  • Start with Ablution.
  • Isha namaz to be recited.
  • Repeat Ya Wadoodu for 675 times.
  • There is a specific chant that has to be recited for 432 time
  • Keepa photo of their husband so that she can ask Allah to provide a stability feature in her husband.
  • Follows this for 30 days.

Powerful dua to control husband

this a prayer or request to Allah that husband should equally obey and listen to the opinion of wife and gives her respect in all aspects,similar to gain command over students in the primary section. If your husband begins to fight and stay irritated with you all the time then it’s his time to take help from Islamic Quran to get back to love for your life. Uplifting arguments on daily basis, senseless fights and over-exaggeration of useless complaints from husband then you must understand that your husband is heading towards someone else.

Holy Quran states that a husband should stay loyal to his wife same dua made by most of the wives from almighty.  Surah Fatiha and dua e Qunoot are very powerful dua to gain love from the husband which is worshiped by wives to get their husband’s love and attraction.listed below are some steps which should be followed in dua for husbands love:

  • Create a Wudu.
  • Start praying a ChashatSalah.
  • After that recite DaroodShareef(11 times)
  • Read a dua for melting husband love on you
  • Again recite DaroodShareef
  • Recite it eleven times.

Dua to make husband listen to wife

Couple facing miscommunication then the probability of rising misunderstanding is more and if once misunderstanding has banged to create a home in your relationship then it’s tough to make your husband listen to you anymore. Here works control over her husband through love.For this, to work we need guidance over how to control the husband if he has been a mislead or tending to give up on his wife.Along with this we also need help from wazifa to make her husband crazy in love.

How to attract a husband?

A relation goes on softly when both of male and female shows equal efforts and attention towards each other. But it’s the husband who doesn’t care about small things that are happening around him. So wife completely has to make his realism about his surroundings and her efforts to gain his attention. But if both of them take it casually then they are near the doomsday. Causal behaviours in relationships always get it on to an end. A husband should be given a realization about what his wife is doing and in what context she is making efforts.

But if one could not get the attention then we have solutions of worships or dua that are powerful and meaningful when one takes them into action. But performing a dua need some direction and strict instruction to be followed. So to get the most effective results of our dua to make husband you love.These protocols have to be made with a pure heart and mind no one should cause harm to another person or destroys another’s life in the context of getting love.

Wazifa to make husband crazy in love

The wife should also pay attention to her selves in gaming attention and love from her husband with all her efforts in cooking, making love, showing trust, maintain personal space and showing or demanding her importance in relation and mainly inthe family. Women should also focus on their beauty to maintain that spark of love in a relationship.

Performing wazifa to make your husband crazy in love 

  • Prepare a fresh Wuzu.
  • Read eleven times DuroodShareef.
  • Read the word of Allah “AllaahummainnaaNastaeeuka” till254 counts.take the name of Allah 100 times.
  • Recite DuroodShareef eleven times again.
  • Finally, make dua from Allah to get your husband crazy in love with you.
  • Repeat this for eleven days and see the miracle in life.

How to make your husband love in Islam

Every time it’s a woman who accepts everything done by her husband and even on his mistakes, she respects him for his dignity. Love is a combination of emotions and feelings which requires guts and a feeling of sacrifice also. Ina lovemarriage, it is always seen that woman sacrifices her complete life for her husband’s love but in the end, she dies by getting respect or love in some cases.

To minimize such cases in Islam, Quran has a solution to such disagreeable behaviours of men. Women nature of forgiveness can generate love in a husband. But more than this power we have the power of religion and worships from Allah Talha.Dua for love from husband and wife to control husband works here best.

Ya maniuwazifa for husband

This is the best effort a woman can make to secure her married life. This wazifa helps so efficiently that one couple going to have a divorce can fall in love again. The power of wazifa cannot be sensed by us till it’s fulfilled but these worships are so much of positivity that one could get all their lost love and husband back within few days of worship. But one must be careful about their dedication and purity of heart because malfunction or harmful dua are never being accepted and no dua could work if your love is not real and is selfish.

In case of divorce husband take decision of leaving their wives but if women doesn’t want to end her relation with husband then she should connect to some astrologer who knows how to get husband back with help of Ya maniuwazifa for husband. This prayer has intense power to chance mind of husband and can secure life of woman and husband both.

Because separating from beloved one is not easy it throws away all the senses and feel of love and emotions from one. Sometimes husband decides alone to leave wife in anger and then regrets in such case to save both husband and wife from going on a guilt trip. Realization of love can be made to husband from dua to make husband loves you.

When a woman doubts on her husband unnecessarily and step further to get divorced but in meanwhile faces a lot of conflicts, misunderstandings, drama and useless arguments. Frustrated man also wanted her to go. Allah makes wife realized of husband love and importance in time than wife can perform Ya maniuwazifa for husband to get her husband back and demands a chances for forgiveness.

 In this context wife performes her wazifa before her sleep in an organized way.

Let s see hoe it’s performed:

  • This dua has to be performed before heading to bed.
  • Recite YaaMaanio for 100 times.
  • Then ask Allah to listen to your wish to get you your husband back.
  • Keeping your heart and intenstion pure will defiantly bring your husband back to you soon.

These dua and wazifa have specific procedure that has to be followed in respect to get your desire to become real. So to follow them with all respect and pure heart you must consider Baba JI for helping you out so that your dua should not be denied at any place and you don’t committee any mistakes here. Knowing meaning of all the dua and wazifa to control your husband and seek love from him is necessary.

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