Ya Wadudu Wazifa For Love Back

Love is a beautiful emotion that comes in many forms of relationship of marriage. We love our parents, siblings, wives, husbands, friends, animals, and so on. And if you don’t receive affection from the people you most trust. If you don’t receive any love from this person, you long for respect and love, which is heartbreak.

When it comes to love difficulties, the ya wadudu wazifa for love back should be tried. Anyone can fall in love, but it isn’t easy to keep it going and manage it. In today’s culture, it is pretty easy to fall in love with someone. But also, the love is so strong that they wish to marry each other. There are also times when the person you love does not feel the same way about you. in such cases, you can follow this method.

Ya Wadudu Wazifa For Love Back

  • Take a mat and sit facing the kiblah
  • Now say durood Shareef for three times
  • Once done say waaja lalana bin bayinee aayadi saadan waa kaafileehim sadan waah fahainnaa laa youbsuireen for 1010 times
  • Then again, say durood Shareef for nine times
  • Then blow on your husband head while he is in sleep
  • Do this for 18 days to see his changes and get back his love.

Ya Wadudu Wazifa For Marriage

Because it is difficult for a youngster to oppose their parents, ya wadudu wazifa for marriage can easily accept parents. Aside from family, your lover may refuse to commit to a love marriage. They may abandon you while you are set to marry for a variety of reasons. In this scenario, the ya wadudu wazifa for love marriage will also be beneficial. It will develop in your lover a sense of love marriage.

  • You can do this at any time of the day
  • Say ya woodu 1001 times
  • After that, say durood Shareef 9 times
  • After that, say durood Ebrahimi for three times
  • Do this for 28 days continually without fail. If you are a woman, do not do it on the days of your periods.

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