Wazifa To Remove Black Magic

Wazifa To Remove Black Magic or for protection from black magic can be called surah taha ayat to cure black magic. We will Provide you solution about how to find out who’s behind the black magic casted on you?

Which Wazifa Use To Remove Black Magic

Black magic can destroy your life. For example, you can lose all your wealth. You can lose your family. Black magic can even kill you. Therefore, if you feel you are under a black magic spell, then use the wazifa to remove black magic.

The process of the wazifa to remove black magic is as follows. First of all, say your namaz. This is a must because only then Allah can help you. Next, say the dua

Bismillahiwabillahi bismillah wa maa shaa-Allahu bismillahiwa la hawlawa la quwwataillabillahQalamoosa maa Ji-tum bihissih;rinnallahasayubtiluhinnallahalaayus’ lih’ua’malalmufsideenfawaqa-a’lh’qquwa bat’ala maa Kanoo ya’-Maloonfaghulibohunalikawanqalaboos’aagghireen.”.

Say the dua as many times as possible.

There is one more thing that you can do if possible. First, take the skin of deer. Next, write the above dua on the skin. Keep this in your house. If you follow these processes of wazifa to remove black magic properly, then you will get results.

If you follow the process correctly, then the effect of black magic reduces considerably. For example, you will get back mental peace. Next, your health will improve. Secondly, your relations with your family will improve. You will also get back your lost wealth.

Wazifa To Remove Black Magic

In case after doing this process, if you do not get results, then consult an Islamic expert. He will check the type of black magic that has been done on you. Based on this, he will give you solutions for the same.

Wazifa For Protection From Black Magic, Many people are jealous of your success. They will try to take away your happiness. These people can go to the extent of doing black magic. Therefore, you have to do the wazifa for protection from black magic. This wazifa will act as a shield and will keep bad energy away from you.

Here is the process for the wazifa for protection from black magic. Firstly, offer your FajrNamaz. Next, recite Durood Sharif 11 times. Secondly, you must recite Surah Maujamil. Next, recite Surah Wanas.

Then you must recite Ayat Al Kursi. Finally, you must recite Durood Sharif 11 times. Finally, blow on a glass filled with drinking water. This water has to be consumed by the person who wants protection from black magic.

When you do the wazifa for protection from black magic, there are some essential things that you must remember. Firstly, do not have any negative thoughts. Next, you must not have hatred for anyone. Respect your elders. Secondly, you must not try doing black magic on anyone. Finally, have faith in duas and wazifas.

One thing that you should do regularly is, pray to Allah. Ask him to protect you from evil things. Secondly, they have a belief in Islam and the Quran. Read the Holy Quran every day. Remember that the Holy Quran and Allah Tallah are so powerful that they will protect you always. They will keep you away from all negative energies.

Which Surah Taha ayat Use To Cure Black Magic

Surah Taha ayat To Cure Black Magic, People who are already under the spell of black magic go through hell. If you or your loved one is under the influence of black magic, then you have to take steps immediately. Remember that the verses of the Holy Quran have immense power. Therefore, make use of surah taha ayat to cure black magic.

If you want to know how to cure black magic with the help of Holy verses, then meet molviji. Next, tell him that you want details about surah taha ayat to cure black magic. Molviji will first check what type of black magic has been done on you. Next, he will give you details about the surahs that are to be recited. Finally, he will do some procedures to remove black magic.

We are sure you are keen to know about the surah taha ayat to cure black magic. The most powerful Ayat is Ayat Al Kursi. The process that you have to follow is as follows. Firstly, get up early in the morning. Have your bath and sit in a clean place. Next, say your daily namaz. Finally, you must recite Ayat Al Kuris. Remember that this same procedure you have to follow in the evening.

There are many things that this Ayat can do. For example, it will protect you from black magic. If you are under the spell of black magic, then it will help to remove the spell.

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