Wazifa For Husband Stop Bad Habits

All desire a well-mannered husband. Unfortunately, if you are married to a husband, who exhibits bad habits like smoking or chewing tobacco, do not be disheartened. Your husband has developed these habits a long time back. So, he would be able to quit it with time. Instead of getting irritated every time he lit a cigar, find ways how it can be avoided by following expert advice.

Be patient with him and help him in the process of overcoming bad habits. Habits are very hard to break because it has developed over time. Unless all the steps specified by an expert are followed strategically, it would be a difficult task to achieve. Your ‘love and affection’ along with ‘counseling and advice’ by the expert will help your husband overcome the bad habit.

Also, hold fast to your faith in Allah. Pray to Him, glorify Him, ask for His Forgiveness and plead to Him for His Mercy. Observe your daily prayers on time and recite the Holy Quran regularly. After every prayer, make the dua for your husband- Say,

  • “Astagfirulla Halladi La Ilaha Illahul Haiyul Qaiyum Waatube Ilahi”
  • for 11 times. Then, recite the beneficial names of Allah 100 times.
  • “Ya Allahu Ya Barru, Ya Allahu Ya Muqallibal Quloobiwal Absar Ya Allahu Ya Latifu Ya Nooru”
  • Insha Allah, your husband’s bad habits will disappear with time. Being a dutiful wife, if you do this for your husband, Allah will be happy with you and bless you with bounty.

Wazifas To Make Husband Get Rid of Alcohol

An alcoholic husband is a menace to the family and sometimes to neighbors too. The addicted person suffers from frequent mood swings and a short temper. While at other times, he remains depressed and anxious. Alcoholism in husband results in frequent fights and resentments within the family. It has a very severe effect on children—drinking results in the death of babies in the womb. Even if the baby survives, he suffers from developmental and behavioral problems.

Getting rid of alcohol is not an easy task to achieve. Win the battle with patience, love, and care. Instead of purposeless fighting with your spouse, please make an appointment with an expert counselor to help him get rid of alcohol. Also, keep your firm faith in Allah, whose Mercy will make the way easier for you. Observe your daily prayers five times a day and recite the Holy Quran regularly.

Every day after Fazer and Isha Salah,

  • Read ‘Darood Shareef’ 3 times.
  • Recite ‘Surah Fatiha’ once, followed by ‘Surah Ikhlas,’ ‘Surah Falaq’ and ‘Surah Naas’ each for seven times.
  • Then recite the first four verses of ‘Surah Baqarah.’
  • Followed by ‘Ayat-ul Kursi’ and the last 2 ayats of ‘Surah Baqarah’
  • End your wazifa by reading the same ‘Darood Shareef’ again for three times.
  • Blow air on your husband after making this wazifa. Insha Allah, Allah will protect your husband from the evil whisperings of Shaitaan, and he would gradually give up drinking.

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