Dua For Happiness and Peace in Family Update 2023

Dua For Happiness and Peace in Family

Who doesn’t want peace, happiness and harmony in his family? But sometimes there are small or big arguments and misunderstandings amongst family members and they disagree with one another’s thought which ruins the peace and happiness of the family. However, if you don’t want any complications or rift between the members of your family, you should recite dua for happy family. The dua will help you maintain the harmony, peace and happiness of your family and none of the members will ever keep any hard feelings for anyone.

dua for happiness in family

Sometimes, there are major disagreements related to property, money or relationship in a family. If your brother and sisters do not agree with you, or your father and mother are not ready to work according to you, then do not worry. Pray to Allah Talah to make ways out for you and Insha Allah, with the help of dua for family unity, you will be able to make peace again. Everything will be back to normal and what’s best for your family will happen. Plead and pray to Allah Talah for only He knows what’s best for you. Insha Allah, dua for family unity will keep your family together in times of adversity and tests.

If you think that your family is living separately and there is no unity or togetherness between the members, the brothers don’t care for their sisters, the kids do not worry about their parents, then you should recite dua for peace in family. The dua will not just end the chaos in the hearts of the family members but will also join your hearts together. You will always think of one another and worry about each other’s feelings. You should get dua for peace in family from our molvi sb. He will help you with the best possible solution to maintain the balance of your family.

A family that eats together stays together is an old saying. Allah Talah has praised those who stay with their families and care about their dear ones. Hence, if you care about your siblings, parents, kids, then you are a good Muslim and surely there is a place in Jannah for you. Dua for happiness in family doesn’t just unite your family together but also removes all bad feelings for one another and makes everyone’s heart pure. They are no differences or rifts in the family and everything remains good. Dua for peace in family is given below:

“Allah HummaAllifBainaKulu Bina WaAslihZataBainanaWa Ah Dina Subulas Salami WaNajjinaMinazZulumatiIlan Noor”

Recite this dua after every namaz 100 times and pray to Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala to bring happiness, peace, love and harmony in your family. Insha Allah, your dua for family unity will definitely be accepted. Make sure you seek permission of our molvi sb. before beginning with this dua. And, if you have any family problems and matters to discuss, feel free to share it with him and get immediate solution for the same.

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