Powerful Dua to fix a broken relationship Update 2023

Powerful Dua to fix a broken relationship

The whole explanation of dua to fix a broken relationship is given below. Let us read about how to fix a broken relationship so that you can fix your relationship and live a happy life.

Fixing a relationship isn’t easy, obviously but not even trying to fix it is the worst thing someone would ever do. There are two kinds of situation that mainly occurs. There has been a fight between two people, but no one would take the initiative to start a conversation; there can be ego or anything. Or maybe at someplace, there is just silence that rules the relationship.

These things can spoil your relationship. Several other factors like what if even after trying so much, you cannot fix your relationship, start praying to Allah. Narrate dua for relationship problems, ask for help from Allah. Only Allah can help you in such cases.

In this article, we have covered wazifa and dua to fix a broken relationship. If you have any other problems related to your relationship you can consult with us. We’ll provide you the best dua for relationship problems.

We call our friends for every problem, hoping that they would give us a solution, but no, that’s wrong. No human can solve your problem; only Allah can do it. If Allah doesn’t mean to solve your problem, no one can.

There are problems in every relationship, but to make it work, you should have all whole trust and faith in Allah and narrate the dua to fix a broken relationship every day with a pure heart. Share your problems with Allah, like he is your best friend.

Keep on narrating dua to fix a broken relationship, and all of your marriage issues will be solved one day by Allah. Have full faith and patience in Allah Talah. The narration of Dua to Fix a Broken Relationship would help you bring back all the positivity of your mind. Just have faith and patience. Believing in Allah is very important.

Dua to fix a broken relationship

People always ask about what they can do to fix a broken relationship or solve the issues of the relationship and make it stronger and better. Let us now talk about dua for relationship problems or to make a relationship stronger. Here are they:

  • Start narrating this dua on Wednesday.
  • Do not wear anything of black color while narrating dua.
  • Start narrating Surah Fatiha for 7 times.
  • After that, read Darood Sharif for 7 times.
  • Then read “Qul in Kuntum tuh ‘ibboonallaaha fattabi-o’ one yeh bibkumullahu wa yaghfir lakum d’unoobakum wallahu ghafooruru rah’em” for 11 times. It’s best dua to fix relationship.
  • After that, narrate this dua on two almonds and feed it to the person you want to fix your relationship or make it stronger.
  • The major reason why a relationship gets broken or weaker can be any misunderstandings or inclusion of a third member between you two. Never include anyone between you two. It’s your relationship, and it is very pure, and even one wrong step can spoil it all. Be honest and show your partner how much you love each other.

The above-mentioned dua for relationship problems or making a relationship stronger will surely help you solve all of your issues in your relationship. Remembering Allah, praying, or narrating dua won’t do any bad to you. It will help you to regain your broken relationship and will give a happy life.

Dua to fix a broken relationship

You can always solve an issue in your relationship by narrating dua or by fixing it yourself. But what if due for some reason, your partner leaves you. You miss that person, and you want him/her back in your life and want to live a happy life just like you had before. There is a dua for a broken relationship which will help you get your partner back. Let us now have a look at dua to fix a broken relationship:

  • Narrate “sal ya rasulluu ahiraa soola bi haqqii ishhrahiyaa maaleekii youmiddeenn ma arhiimu arrahmeenn”
  • Narrate Darood-e-Shareef for 3 times before and after narrating the above dua. The whole procedure is to be continued for 21 days.
  • Even after performing this, you see that there is no benefit after 21 days. Then narrate this dua over a sweet and make that person eat this sweet.
  • The most important thing is you need a very clean heart for doing this. If you have some negatives inside you while doing this, there is a possibility that it may not work.
  • If you do, as we have said above, there is a guarantee that your relationship will be fixed. This dua for a broken relationship is very strong. Make sure you do it with all positivity you have inside you and don’t think anything wrong. Have full faith and see Allah will fix your broken relationship.

If you have Allah beside you, no wrong will happen with you. Just remember everything happens for a good reason. Maybe at that time, you feel Allah has done wrong to you, but no, there is something good related to it, which might be far better for you.

Powerful Dua to fix a broken relationship

Apart from narrating dua to fix a broken relationship, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while you are in a relationship. There are some things that you need to focus on for a healthy relationship. It would help if you made your partner believe that he/she is the only one with whom they want to spend their lives.

  • Here are some steps for having a Healthy Relationship:
  • Keep Love as your priority.
  • Never move back from starting a conversation even after a fight.
  • Never bring ego in between you and your partner.
  • Respect your partner by listening to them.
  • Be compassionate
  • Honesty and loyalty are the keys to a healthy relationship.
  • Always respect each other’s needs and expectations.
  • Letting go of anything is very difficult but remember you put Love as your 1st
  • Don’t say anything that can trigger your partner.
  • No matter there’s your fault or not, be the bigger person here and apologize.
  • Always be positive about your relationship.
  • Don’t blame each other for any fights.
  • Bringing up the past is not a good option.
  • Always have that trust in your partner.
  • Don’t be dominant. This can bring a distance between you two.
  • If you have the power of overlooking a fight, then go for it.

Talk politely about whatever issue you’ve been facing and be ready to work it out rather than being angry about it.
If you do all of this in your daily lives and narrate dua, there is nothing that can break your relationship. Misunderstanding, fights are the basics of a relationship. But make sure you don’t end up making them as your only thing. It is important to know that what you need at the end is the love from your partner. You want your partner beside you.

Along with the narration of dua for relationship problems you can follow the above-mentioned things and fully guaranteed that no person and no fight can ever make you and your partner apart.

Dua for Healing:

Now, there comes a situation where you narrate all kinds of dua to fix a broken relationship. However, still, your relationship isn’t working. This means that you guys are not made for each other. And also, some people end their relationship with a mutual discussion. This is a huge step you took with all your strength, but what to do if your heart doesn’t agree with it? You still feel sad about it. Here’s a dua to heal your broken heart:

  • Narrate “Ya Hayyuu ya Qayyum, Astagfirullah” after the Isha prayer.
  • By the end of the day, when you get fresh and go to bed, just lay down, calm your mind, and narrate this dua as many times you can. After this, go to sleep without thinking much about it.
  • Doing this every day, you will feel super light when you will wake up in the morning.
  • Inshallah, all your problems will be solved by Allah If you narrate the above-mentioned dua. Concluding with dua to fix a broken relationship Just be positive, have full faith and patience, and talk to Allah like he is your best friend. He will solve all your issues. The dua to fix a broken relationship will surely help you make your relationship better and stronger.

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