Dua to Break Up a Couple

As the adage goes, “Love is blind.” Two people can fall in love anytime or anywhere, no matter their circumstances, physical appearance, or thoughts, and beliefs. When this love ends or breaks, it is one of the saddest and most distressing situations in the world. But sometimes, this Love is so blind that we do not come to know how it affects our own lives or even the lives of those around us. In this article, we are sharing dua to break up a couple.

This kind of love is toxic, bad for one’s mental health, and eventually harmful for our physical health as well. A broken and sad heart can lead to physical symptoms like headaches, acidic reflux, vomiting, sunken eyes, and in worse cases, actual heartache. These symptoms are not just limited to this. You can Perform dua to Break a Relationship. These are the best dua to break up a couple.

A toxic relationship can be very harmful to one’s daily life. For example, one cannot focus on the tasks at hand and get less productive. One’s friends and family grow distant, and the world seems hollow and empty. Hence it is important to end these kinds of relationships.

There can be two kinds of situations where you want to two people to separate:

  • Your own relationship is toxic, and you want to end it.
  • Your ward’s/ son’s/ daughter’s/ loved one’s relationship is not good, and you wish them to separate.
  • Both situations have different signs and a different means to the end of a relationship. If you wish two people to separate, communication and talking are important; in both cases. Let’s discuss these situations and how to deal with them both, starting with the first one.

Your own relationship is toxic.

There are several times in life that you can fall into a toxic relationship with a person. It is not necessary that this person is “bad.” A person’s actions or behavior can sometimes be bad, but the person isn’t inherently so. When getting into the relationship, it would have seemed that this person is perfect for you. In this situation, you can perform this dua to break a relationship.

  • You might even have thought of marrying this person, and in some cases, you already have. But in time, the person starts to show their true colors. Or maybe the person’s priorities change, or they themselves change completely. The relationship slowly turns toxic and unhealthy.
  • There are many signs of a toxic relationship. Some of them are more obvious, and some are subtle. But most are apparent and straightforward to understand. Jealousy like behavior like being envious of your relationship with others or being envious of your other friendships is one of them.
  • Being controlling, meaning your partner trying to control your actions, and influence your behavior in a bad way; is also an obvious sign. Other signs include conversations being toxic, the other person always trying to have the last word in an argument, frequent bout mundane topics, and dishonesty.
  • Most of your conversations are filled with sarcasm or criticism about how you act, dress, or otherwise be yourself. You feel like you are “walking on eggshells.” You have to have extreme caution while talking with your partner.
  • These kinds of relationships are unhealthy and not worth the time and effort. To get out of these relationships can be difficult. It is especially hard to break up when your partner is possessive and does not respect your wishes.
  • When you are married to this person, the process involves the law and can be tedious. You will sometimes feel like it is not worth it and try to stay in that toxic relationship and fix it.
  • However, sometimes there is no other option but to break up and separate yourself from that person. It is the best thing you can do for yourself, your friends and family who care about you, and for that person.
  • When you have decided to break up, you must first make yourself firm. A possessive partner will not let you go even when you explain to them the reasons why you want to leave.
  • Hence, ask Allah for the strength and willpower to break up. Clasp your hands, sit on your knees facing the direction of Mecca, embrace certainty and submission to Him, and close your eyes. Have an honest conversation with Allah about your mistakes and sins and repent. You should perform dua to break a relationship.
  • This should be heartfelt and done while having a clear mind. Allah helps those who submit to Him, but He also expects His followers to take action and help themselves first.
  • Try talking to the person first. Explain to them that you feel the relationship is toxic and tell them the reasons. If it is your fault, admit it and ask for forgiveness. But if it is their fault, tell them that; without making them feel guilty or trying to hurt them. Do not use the phrase “It’s not you; it’s me.”
  • Many times, that phrase is untrue and does not hold any value. It is an empty statement that should be forgotten. Next, make sure you do not communicate the wrong reasons for them.
  • This will improve your own problem-deducting skills and give the other person a chance to improve. Tell them the truth about how you feel about the relationship, and finally, you can tell them that you want to separate. You can perform these wazifa and dua to break a relationship.

Your child’s or loved one’s relationship is toxic.

Young love, especially teenage love, can often be rushed and not completely thought through. It can be impulsive, and many times it turns out to be toxic. If you are thinking of separating a couple, then perform this dua to break up a couple.

If you are a parent or a friend or a family member of someone who is in a relationship and you notice the signs of a toxic relationship, it is your solemn responsibility and rather your duty to make sure your loved one, friend, or child gets out of this relationship as soon as possible to avoid heartbreak. You want to break your Son/Daughter relationship. You can perform dua to break up a couple.

How to separate two persons?

If you want to separate two persons, before separate any person you should know that the relationship is toxic or not. If a relationship is toxic then you can try to separate two persons.

  • Teenagers are spontaneous thinkers and are impulsive. A combination of hormones and peer pressure makes them think that a relationship should be developed early on in life, completely false.
  • They also have a greater tendency to harm themselves or others due to heartbreak. Hence, it is even more important for a parent to keep a close eye on them, without being strict or controlling, and make sure they don’t get into such a relationship in the first place.
  • As mentioned above, you can see signs of a toxic relationship in a person’s behavior and nature. If you find these signs in your child or loved one, or friend, you should immediately communicate with them about it.
  • Ask them what the problem is exactly. It may not always be about a relationship. If you know the problem is about a toxic relationship, there is no need to ask, and you can take action straight away.
  • First of all, pray to Allah and ask for His divine guidance. Ask him for the strength to talk to your friend, loved one, or child. And do not forget to ask Him to give strength to your child, friend, or loved one. Make dua and be sure that your heart is pure and your intentions are good. If you are making dua out of jealousy, it will not work.
  • Next, try talking to the concerned person about their relationship. Explain to them that not every relationship is ideal, and mistakes happen. In their case, the mistake is getting into a toxic relationship.
  • Next, try talking to the concerned person about their relationship. Explain to them that not every relationship is ideal, and mistakes happen.
  • In their case, the mistake is getting into a toxic relationship. They may not have understood that the relationship will turn toxic because of two factors: youth inexperience and impulse. Try and explain to them that it is completely normal for a couple to break up and that it happens all the time around the world.

Perform This dua to break up a couple

Finally, make dua for the well-being and health of your loved one, friend, or child. Your dua has to be heartfelt and out of love, not jealousy. Recite the following dua. It’s a powerful dua to separate two person.

The dua for break up is:

Alaamtaarakaayfaa la rabBuukafillAlamyaaj al Kaay huumfee tad leeelmaarsaalna ho alaihymtaiirunababeeel taar maihim bee heeijeeaaratimm mii siiijiilfaajaalaahuunnfaa is fiimmaaqoool.

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