Dua For Husband To Leave another Woman Update 2023

Dua For Husband To Leave another Woman

Love is the most powerful emotion in the world. It makes one blind and foolish. When you are in love, you start to care about the other person’s health, well-being, and happiness more than your own. You cannot and do not want to be without that person. For this purpose, marriage was created by Allah to join two souls. Marriage is built on love and trust. But sometimes, this trust is broken. In this post, we are sharing some dua for husband to leave the other woman.

When trust is broken by one person in the relationship, the other person’s heart breaks with it. And this trust is very difficult to get back. It is an ongoing problem in society that a spouse breaks the trust of the other person and gets into an illegal relationship.

These illegal relationships can be done by any one of the partners in the marriage. However, statistically, the man is more likely to break his wife’s trust. There are strong wazifa to stop illegal relationship mentioned in the Quran. The wife can perform these wazifa to stop the illegal relationships.

What to do when your husband enters an illegal relationship? There is Qurani dua for the husband to leave the other woman. But you must also take action and make sure you protect your husband from another woman. As the old saying goes, “prevention is better than cure.” In this article, we will explain a dua for a husband to leave the other woman, a wazifa to stop illegal relationship, and a dua for a cheating husband. First, this article will explain how to prevent illegal relationship before it even begins.

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Now, how does an illegal relationship start? The answer is not very straightforward. It is a combination of mistakes from the husband’s and the wife’s side. Knowing this, the wife can take steps to ensure that she does not make these mistakes. But as for the husband’s mistakes, she must make a very strong wazifa and dua for making sure that her husband does not cheat her in the first place. Follow this dua to make sure your husband does not indulge in illegal or haram relationships:

  • Make sure you are in a state of calm, rest, ablution, and ready to make a prayer.
  • Recite durood salaam 11 times.
  • Recite the following dua “Khoolla hoo wallaah hoo ahaada-allaah hussaammadd lamhaa yahhlidd waala myuuladd waah laamyaa khoollahu ko fuwahn ahadaa”
  • Recite durood salaam 11 times again.
  • Making this dua for 21 days daily will help your marriage stay strong and free of problems. However, this is not a sure shot solution, and your husband may still enter a haram relationship if you don’t do this wazifa properly.

There are signs of a cheating husband. Like for example, he will not talk to you as much as he used to, or he might be spending more and more time outside the home. Here are some other subtle signs that your husband might be cheating.

  • He brings his phone everywhere with him and doesn’t allow you to even look at it.
  • He is spending a lot of money, and you cannot pinpoint as to where.
  • He starts taking more care of himself.
  • He starts talking about other women.
  • He doesn’t pay attention to your questions and answers them with one-word answers.
  • He is spending more time on his phone.
  • The intimacy in your relationship decreases and is difficult to get back.
  • Knowing these signs and according to your intuition, you might be sure that your husband is cheating or has entered a haram relationship. When you are sure that your husband has entered a Haram relationship, you get very angry and frustrated. You love your husband too much to leave him and do not want him to leave you too. However, there are solutions to this situation also.

Powerful Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

One can make powerful dua for husband to leave the other woman. There exist many Qurani dua and very strong wazifa to get husband back from other woman. But like mentioned above, just dua is not enough. You must take action and make wazifa to get husband back from another woman.

Perform this Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

First, make dua for getting strength and willpower from the Almighty Allah. Close your eyes and kneel along with facing the direction of Mecca, the holy land. Embrace certainty and make sure you submit to Him.

He is benevolent, kind, and always seeks to help His followers. Repent your sins and have an honest conversation with Allah. Ask him for forgiveness for your mistakes, and make sure you also promise him that they will not occur again. More importantly, make the same promise to yourself and make sure you follow it.

Making this promise to yourself and having the conversation with Allah will, for sure give you the strength and willpower to confront your husband and start to make dua for your husband to leave the other woman.

Here is specified the dua for the husband to leave the other woman. There are a few steps you need to follow before making this dua. They are also specified here.

  • Make wuzoo and be in a state of ablution.
  • Read and recite the surah Fatiha 7 times.
  • Now, recite the following dua 101 times:
  • “Allahumma munzilal kitab, seral hisabi iahzimil ahzab, Allahumma Aaizimhum wa jalzilhu”.
  • Recite the surah Fatiha 7 times again.
  • Finally, blow on two cloves.
  • This dua for husband to leave the other woman is a very strong, powerful, and enchanting dua for protecting husband from another woman. But Allah always helps those who help themselves first.

Hence, you should make sure that you act on your suspicions and doubts to fist, make sure your husband is cheating on you. Once you have, you can take action to protect your husband from another woman.

Confront and talk to your husband first. Talk to him about his vows and the promises you made to each other while marrying.

Dua For Husband To Leave The Other Woman

He might not have forgotten them, but he still might need to be reminded of them. Do not try to fight or argue with him. Calmy and in a loving, friendly tone, remind him of the reasons why you married each other.

Remind him of the times you have spent together. Talk to him about all the loving moments you know both of you treasure and cherish. Doing this will make him feel sorry for cheating on you. However, do not make him feel guilty or disheartened. This will only make your relationship more difficult to recover.

When he is ready to repent his sins and mistakes, make sure, he does not feel bad and down. Ask for him to apologize for his mistakes to Allah first. He has broken his promise to himself and to Allah to be faithful to you.

By the grace of Allha, and by your efforts, this very powerful dua for husband to leave the other woman will work, and you will get the fruits of making wazifa to get your husband back from the other woman.

Allah is benevolent and helps His followers and cares for them, no matter what. Hence, we can be sure that Allah will forgive your husband for committing Haram and entering an illegal relationship. After you have gotten your husband back from the other woman, he will rarely make the mistake again.

However, you must make dua to Allah for your marriage to be successful, peaceful, and both of you to be content with the company of each other.

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