Signs and Symptoms Of Black Magic

Before knowing about black magic’s signs and symptoms, let us first read about the other basic things like what is magic.

What is Magic?

Magic is a form of art known and exclusive to only a handful number of people. We tend to define the kind of energy one possesses or creates around him\ her as negative or positive. But it cannot be categorized in that manner.

What is black magic

Energies, or what we might also call them ‘vibes,’ are pure, neither negative nor positive. It’s on us and what we make out of it. When someone tries to manipulate our aura to surround us with negativity, it is called black magic.

Yes, this kind of manipulation is possible, and there’s a lot of science behind the process of conducting what is called black magic.

At times, the signs and symptoms of black magic visible to us tend to be something that our mind is responsible for. Meaning that it is nothing but just in our head. People tend to make assumptions based on these signs and symptoms of black magic only when they do not have a valid or logical explanation.

Sometimes, our conclusions from observations of these signs and symptoms are induced as a result of a chain or series of events and incidents. Concluding that one could be a victim of black magic can be the result of either our beliefs or blind faith.

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The concept of what is black magic is different from magic. The word magic is said to have originated from an Old Persian Magus, a Zoroastrian astrologer priest of the Medes.

Magic creates an impact on the will of others. Their signs and symptoms of magic lie in the fact of its influence on someone, something, somehow. But how do you identify the signs and symptoms of black magic? How do you realize if you are a victim of black magic?

List of Signs and Symptoms Of Black Magic

  • The practitioners of magic cast spells and conduct rituals. When all of it is done to serve the devil to be able to fulfill one’s selfish needs at the cost of the other person, it is black magic.
  • Nobody ever accepts if they have been doing this. It depends on us how we find a way to unleash the truth. The signs and symptoms of black magic are not easily identifiable.
  • Consider a situation wherein one of your friends, while speaking to you, mentions dealing with a lot of stress and getting entrapped in situations that are bringing in a lot of loss in his/her life. A random response from your end, suggesting casually that some kind of bad omen might have struck him/her, could haunt him for days. Though random, the response is capable of psychologically tricking him/her into attributing the situation as signs and symptoms of black magic.
  • This doubt could take up the form of an eerie feeling, making them sick or ill, creating negativity in and around them.

All of this is capable of hampering their work, behavior, and relationships in life. Even if they are responsible for the succeeding situations, their mind psyched them into transforming their doubts as a confirmed idea.

Is it just a psychological phenomenon

At times, a minor part of it, say, for instance, 20% of it, could be the signs and symptoms of black magic. But the rest is what you make out of the situation. The primary solution for tackling black magic is to not let yourself feel frightened without a logical explanation. Do not entertain decisions based on assumptions.

The other solution is to protect yourself with a counteract of a defense tool that turns to a white magic practitioner, which brings you back to your belief in ‘magic.’ But as we mentioned earlier, it is all science. A white magic practitioner tries to analyze these signs and symptoms to be able to undo them.

The concept of black magic has been associated with numerous folktales that most of our ancestors believed to be true. The tribal people have a vast sense of knowledge about these kinds of superstitions and magic. On tracing back the origin of their relation to these practices, we realize a lot of things about their cultural background.

Their knowledge allows them to see these signs and symptoms of black magic. Their cultural history and traditional practices stand in major contrast to the lifestyle of a modern person. They know much more than us about rituals that serve as a solution to fight black magic evils.

Black magic encompasses within itself the concept of satanism as well. Voodoo also falls under the broader concept of black magic. It has its distinct history of defining white and black magic but are regularly associated with black magic.

India is a land of diversity and breeds numerous forms of customs and traditions on its grounds. These traditions and customs have been carried out by the people since time immemorial. There are a few who have faith and trust in the almighty deity. Then there are the ones who have blind faith and are willing to do anything for the sake of satisfying their blind faith. Such people might like to call themselves just highly’ religious.

The belief in signs and symptoms of black magic in India

Postal jadoo is the most common and oldest black magic in Manipur. The myth of ‘menshohnoh’ is a common one in the Khasi-Jaintia hills. The tribal people do have a firm belief in myths and related ritualistic practices to treat ailments. Most items used in the rituals of black magic come from dead bodies. Thi forms one major part of the signs and symptoms of black magic, which is identifiable.

Mayong, a village in Assam, is considered to be India’s black magic capital, and it not only believes but also celebrates black magic. The village is subject to several stories and tales speaking of odd and strange situations. As you would get to hear, the stories involve strange cases of recognizing the signs and symptoms of black magic. It is considered that the village still has a community of hundred-odd magicians. The practitioners are called Bez or Ojai.

Magic is a combination of both natural and supernatural forces. It is a broader concept of the signs and symptoms of black magic. Scientific factors are weak or strong gravity, electromagnetism, weak or strong nuclear power, natural command, supernatural force. Black magic was greatly feared since the middle ages. The signs and symptoms of black magic took some time to come into the limelight.

The modern-day black magic practitioners’ existence is solely based on their greed for money. They agree to serve others with their knowledge of black magic for the sole purpose of money. The ones who conduct only to delight their desires of cursing others and run after the fulfillment of their selfish desires do not let out this secret.

Signs and Symptoms Of Black Magic

This is a combination of telekinesis and telepathy to influence others for not so good reasons does exist. The signs and symptoms of black magic are, therefore, complicated. But some practitioners disguise themselves as a magician and fool us with their tricks of trying to play with our psyche.

Their ability to be good at evaluating the body language of others and analyzing other people’s psychology is different from being a magician. It might appear to be magical but isn’t.

On the other hand, a ‘Tantrik’ or a ‘baba’ is someone who chants mantras and carries out rituals to conduct magic. The people with an irrational way of thinking fall prey to several fake ‘Tantrik’ or ‘babas’ as a result of trying to avail of a shortcut for the fulfillment of their desires. This pretentious Tantrik or babas prey upon the people who are caught up in the middle of false beliefs, blind faith, and superstitions. They pretend to have knowledge of the foreseeing situation of our life and fool us by making us believe in the signs and symptoms of black magic.

The priests state that when someone is constantly facing misfortune, it could result from their past life, misdeeds, or due to the changes in the positioning of the planets and stars. The study of these impacts brought about by the changes in the positioning of planets and stars is termed astrology.

Education aims at eradicating thoughts without a valid reason. It allows a sane person to be able to question these things and search for a valid explanation. The National Crime Record Bureau states that as many as 464 women (an estimate based on records before 2020) were killed in cold blood because they were associated with witchcraft. There was no proper evidence to solidify the cause of these killings.

Noone can surely justify these killings when it comes to their notice because these were conducted by and amongst uneducated people and their traditional way of living to lead them towards carrying out such irrational behavior. According to them, they identified the signs and symptoms of black magic that these women were responsible for. There is no proper law to provide solutions to such situations.


The existence of superstitions and blind faith makes us mentally backward and regressive. One should focus on growth and attain a positive outlook on life. Count on the good deeds to bring the needed change in your life.

Do not inculcate your faith in the signs and symptoms of black magic blindly. Always try to strengthen your life with hopefulness and positivity in and around you.

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