Most Powerful Dua To Put Love In Someone Heart

Love is an important and powerful word in everyone’s life. It plays a key role in the lives of young people. Love is a beautiful feeling which provides enormous energy to do any work and succeed in any field of their choice. Love makes people lead a complete life. In this article, we are sharing a dua to put love in someone heart. If you also want to put love in someone’s heart then these wazifa to put love in someone’s heart will be helpful for you.

Love a magical word that can change the world into a fantastic place to live. Love is very pure. Selfless love makes one sacrifice their lives for their loved ones. Everyone looks for the right partner to love and also wants their loved one to be loved back. The heart is the best and the beautiful home of pure love.

This article is all about dua to put love in someone heart. If you want to solve your love problems immediately, You should contact our Maulana Ji.

Love is not the same for every person in your life. For example, love for your parents is so special that we cannot express how much you love them, whereas love for friends and relatives is less than the same love as parents. Finally, love on life partner and lover is too much.

Dua To Put Love In Someone Heart

They are the world to them; without them, some people feel like their life is waste. By looking at them, they can make their day so special and beautiful. They expect every day as a great day when their loved one is with them in their whole life.

Love may be felt on the person at first sight or after spending some time with them, knowing their habits and behavior or knowing about their character. Love can change the person and their way of living. Here we are giving you best dua to put love in someone heart.

Love is the most mesmerizing feeling on earth. It is a natural thing which plays a key role in everyone’s life. Love changes s the only feeling which can make the heart happy and healthy.

One can express their towards others in different ways. There are many barriers for so many people to express their love for the person who was in their hearts. Many overtake those barriers with self-confidence, determination, and dedication and express their love towards them.

Let us take few examples few people to express their love by proposing to her by giving a red rose; some other people express their love by giving a love letter, few types of people express their love by telling their love towards them in the form of poetry, poem, song, etc. Some people give surprises to their loved ones and express their love towards him. Some propose marriage etc.

After hearing the love proposal, some people may feel like they also had the same feeling towards the One who has proposed to them. But some others take some time to get clarity on that incident, and if they feel the same, they will accept the love proposal. Others reject that proposal if they don’t have any other idea regarding their love and the person who has proposed it to them.

Powerful Dua To Put Love In Someone Heart

Some people hate the way they have proposed to them and don’t want to hear their words again, so they will avoid them. No one is able to fill the love in someone’s heart forcefully. Love is so pure it can be felt in the heart.

How to put love in someone’s heart?

  • If the person you loved hates you and you want her/him to be in your life, then try to ask the help of your family and friends to get close to her/him or take the help of their family and friends.
  • If they are still not convinced, try to talk to her alone and make them understand your feelings for them. Keep your full efforts to be loved back. Keep full efforts but don’t cross your limits. Try to impress that person with your activities. Try until you succeed in that; if it is not gonna work out, then pray for the Allha.
  • Life does not provide all things that you need in your life; ask Allah what you want and recite duas which are helpful to fulfill your needs in life. So recite the dua for love in someone’s heart to be loved back. I think it may work out for sure.
  • If you recite that dua with heart band with sincerity and dedication, definitely Allah, the almighty respond to you in a positive way that may gives a positive impact on you from your loved ones. Allah is so merciful so that he will listen and help her/him to stay with you.

Some Dua to put love in someone heart

These duas are best for everyone because this will help you a lot. This can change the mood of your loved ones and gives a place to you in her/his heart. Allah, the almighty us the only one who has the power to bring love in someone’s heart.

Dua has extreme power. Your practical efforts also help a lot. Allha will look at your efforts, and if he thinks that your efforts are worthy, then he will respond in a positive way. The dua to put love in someone heart can create love in someone’s heart. Don’t lose hope if you didn’t get results immediately because it may take a few couples of weeks to give positive results for you.

Perform this Dua to put love in someone heart

It is not only performed by the lovers; it is also can be performed by husbands and wives. If they are not close to each other due to some issues and disputes between them and almost they lost faith and love on them by their partners. It’s best wazifa to put love in someone’s heart.

“Ba Haqqi La illaha illa anta subhanaka inni kunto minnazalemeena ya sayyidal kareemi bihurmatee bismillah hir rahmanir Raheem . Amman yujeebu al mudtarra izza da’- aahu inna kafeenakal muztahzioon.

Perform this Wazifa to put love in someone’s heart

There are many wazifa to put love in someone’s heart, but this is the best wazifa to make someone crazy in love. Recite this wazifa after fajr Namaz.

Lakad Jaa Akum-Rasulam Min-Afusikam A-zeeum A-layhi-maa ANittum-H Areeum

I think it is so painful to bear that pain, and if they want relief, then they can recite the dua to put love in someone’s heart to share their life with their partner. These are the best dua to make someone love you madly. Especially you should use this dua to get love back; don’t use it for unnecessary things. If you use it for unnecessary things, it may not work out for sure rather than that it leads to failure in your life if your intentions are negative.

If Allah doesn’t respond to you in a positive way, don’t feel bad, he will be always by your side. He knows everything. He always does what is right for you. He is the One who can understand what is right for you and what is not good for you.

Keep faith in the Lord and think positively about everything which is happening in your life. You should accept everything with a big heart. Don’t feel like love is the only thing that can make you happy. You should think like it is one part of life. If your love was not successful, then don’t feel bad, you should move on rather than thinking about it. Love is an unstable emotion which not let you move on.

If your problem for love in the heart of your loved One is not going to be solved by yourselves and with your family and friends, then ask Allah to help you.

Powerful Dua To Put Love In Someone Heart

Recite the dua to put love in someone’s heart. It changes your destiny and makes you lead a happy life. So try to perform the dua to put love in someone’s heart with the heart so that you will receive positive results.


In this article, We have covered the best dua to put love in someone heart. If you want to put love then try these duas. Allah will give you your love. You can contact our Maulana Ji for dua to make someone love u.