Dua For Happiness and Success in Islam Update 2023

Dua For Happiness and Success in Islam

We all aspire to live a happy and joyful life regardless of what life offers us. We all believe in the beauty of life even after seeing the ugly sides of it. It is HAPPINESS that we aspire for in our whole life and find means and ways to achieve it. There is no point in living a life full of luxuries and no happiness, as happiness and inner peace is the ultimate luxury. If you are looking for a dua for happiness and success, we have got you covered!

Happiness is very essential to determine the healthy functioning of life. It is also important for maintaining a healthy and peaceful life. However, the situations of life aren’t always perfect and might add to the stress and anxiety. Unfortunate events and accidents suck the happiness out of our lives and we are left sad and dejected. If you wish to get back your happiness this dua for happiness and success will be your savior.

Dua For Happiness and Success – Dua of Happiness in Islam

We see in our daily lives that happiness is not the outcome of what we have or what we are trying to achieve. The state of happiness comes from being grateful and satisfied with what we have while striving for what we want. Also, the people who seem to have everything might not be happy and the people who have little than others are happier. If you also wish to experience unconditional happiness in your life and want to live a more joyous life, this dua of happiness will help you to achieve that:

Allaahumma innee ʿabduk, wabnu ʿabdik, wabnu amatik, naasiyati beyadik, maadhin fiyya hukmuk, ʿadlun fiyya qadhaa’uk, as’aluka bi kullismin huwa lak, sammayta bihi nafsak, aw anzaltahu fee kitaabik, aw ʿalamtahu ahadan min khalqik, awista-tharta bihi fee ʿilmil ghaybi ʿindak, an taj-ʿal al-Qur’aan al-ʿađ̣eema rabeeʿa qalbi, wa noora sadri, wa jalā’a huzni, wa dhahāba hammi

Recite this dua for happiness, luck, and good fortune every day in the morning and you will see the happiness growing and blooming in your life.

Dua of Happiness in Islam – Dua for Happiness

Traumatizing events like the death of a loved one, failing an exam, loss of a job, or being separated from your partner add to the high levels of sadness and depression. If you have experienced a traumatic event lately and are unable to cheer yourself up, this dua of happiness will help you to overcome the sadness:

Allahuma aj Alissa data Tamurnatusina ma abkana wama ahazana

Recite this dua daily with your obligatory prayers and you will see the darkness and sadness lifted from your life. This dua for happiness and success has proven to be very beneficial for the people who are recovering from any mental health issues like depression and anxiety. You can also use this dua as a means to improve the quality of your life and spread happiness in your family.

Remember to recite the dua with faith that Allah will listen to your dua and grant your wishes. Also, help the people in need and add random acts of kindness and compassion in your life. If you have any doubts or queries, leave them in the comments below. To book an appointment with your molvi Ji, ring on the numbers on our website.

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