Powerful Wazifa For Husband Love And Respect Update 2023

Powerful Wazifa For Husband Love And Respect

Wazifa is the best solution for fixing any kind of problem. Today, we see that lot of husbands don’t love their wives, as they should. They do not even respect them. In order to make your husband love you and respect you, a wife can try the wazifa for husband love and respect. This wazifa will bring the husband under the control of wife. The wife will have full possession of her husband.

The wife should try this wazifa for husband love and respect with correct intentions. She should not try this wazifa in order to hurt someone or to hurt her own husband. All those wives with husbands who don’t love them and respect them can try this wazifa. This is a very strong wazifa for husband love.

Here’s Is Quick Method Or Guide To Practice The Strong Wazifa For Husband Love –

strong wazifa for husband love

  • A wife can start this wazifa any day she wants and at any time.
  • Get pure water of rose approximately half of a coffee cup before doing this wazifa. Then transfer this rose water in a proper cleaned bowl made up of earthen clay.
  • The wife should do this wazifa after doing ablution.
  • After that, the wife should sit on a prayer rug or mat.
  • After that wife has to recite – “Ya Wadoodoon” 800 times.
  • Then, the wife should blow her breath in the bowl full of rose water.
  • So, the next task is that the wife should make her husband drink this water.
  • Then make a prayer to Allah Pakk with true heart.
  • While doing this wazifa wife should not talk to anyone or else she will lose her concentration and she will lose essence of this wazifa.
  • The wife should try this wazifa for at least 11 continuous days.
  • In Sha Allah, her husband will start loving her and respecting her, very soon.

There is also a dua to make husband obedient. Those wives whose husbands are not obedient can recite this dua –

Bismillah har rahminir rahim
Allahuma saleala muhamad waealaa al muhamad kama salayt ealaa ‘iibrahim waealaa al ‘ibrahym, ‘iinak hamidul majid allahuma barak ealaa muhamad waealaa al muhamad kama barakat ealaa ‘iibrahim waealaa al ‘iibrahim, ‘iinak hamidul majid.

By reciting this dua to make husband obedient a wife can make her husband submissive to her. Today, many women look for answers for their questions like – how to make husband obey you. This dua is the answer for all those wives who want their husband to listen to them or to obey them.

The solution to how to make husband obey you is not as certain as it sounds it requires great dedication, patience. You must believe in Allah’s will. Plus, it is suggested to practice a wazifa or recite a dua only after consulting our Alim sahib, once. The above given method of wazifa and dua is very powerful solutions. Therefore, they must be performed under the guidance of a learned man only. You can also ask for dua for husband to listen to wife in English if you are comfortable in that languages. This dua for husband to listen to wife in English helps the wife in making her husband listen to her.

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