Islamic Dua For Hair Growth in Quran Update 2023

Islamic Dua For Hair Growth in Quran

Are you tired and afraid of excessive hair loss? Do you feel that your hair isn’t growing fast and the hair loss is increasing day by day? If you want to know how Islamic dua for hair growth can help you to get rid of this problem, continue reading this post. Today we will share with you a very effective and powerful dua for hair growth in the Quran.

Hair loss can be caused due to many factors. Sometimes it runs in the family and can be caused by the hereditary issues and the other times it is caused by external factors like pollution, hair treatments, medication, and diseases. It is normal to lose 50-100 strands of hair daily but when this grows abruptly and leaves the bald patches in the head that’s when the real struggle begins. Hair loss can be a major issue than it seems as it leaves the person upset and reduces their confidence. But this dua for hair loss will help you fighting with this issue and boost your game of hair growth.

Dua For Hair Loss and Growth

It is natural to lose hair when we age but the excessive hair fall is not normal. It represents the presence of some causal factors that might be leading to it and also some faults in your diet. The lack of nutrients also causes hair loss. If you are not taking enough proteins, vitamins, and other nutrients in your diet then it will affect our body. Also, stress is one of the common factors that add to this problem and often goes unnoticed.

No matter what the cause of the problem is, you can always take the help of this Islamic dua for hair growth. This dua for hair loss and growth will change your hair game and will help you to reduce hair loss. This dua when added with the efforts you are making into your hair care will deliver the best results.

Dua For Hair Growth in Quran

One of the solutions is to read Surah Fatima 7 times after every Fardh Salah and blow on your palms. Now, wipe your hands over your head and recite the name of Allah.

‘Ya Munazzilash Shafa’i Wa Muzh’hibad Da’i anzil ‘ala Maabi Min Da’inn Shafaa’ann’

يا منزل الشفاء ومذهب الداء, أنزل على ما بي من داء شفاء

Or you can also recite this dua for hair growth in Quran 21 times over the hair oil that you use for your hair and blow on it. Then apply the hair oil on your hair.

You can also add reciting “ALLAHU Al Bariyu Al Kabeeru– 313 times after every Namaz and pray to Allah for your long and luscious hair.

You will start witnessing the change in your hair loss and hair growth. This dua for hair loss and growth will start giving you results in a week and if you do it with utter faith and positivity this will deliver faster results.

Also, keep in mind that you take into consideration the causes of your hair loss. If you want any advice related to your hair care regime, you can consult our Hakeem Saab on the given numbers.

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