Surah to make someone fall in love with you

we give you Dua To Make Someone Fall In Love With You. Love is the holiest feeling that can’t be expressed through words. It comes into your life without any hint. The feeling of love for someone grows inside your heart, making you unaware of its presence.

If you start to love someone, it’s tough to erase your feelings towards the person knowing that the person who resides opposite you has no intention even for a little to love you back. Hence to materialize your love in your life, you should pray for the blessing of God by using the Dua to make someone fall in love with you.

If the person you love the most has no mere feeling towards you, then it’s excruciating for your heart to bear with. If you want your love to be established inside the heart of the other person by giving it a proper and ultimate destination, then you should go for the Dua to make someone fall in love with you.

surah to make someone love you

The other famous surah to make someone love you is SURAH AR-RUM (30). This surah is about placing affection and mercy between two lovers. In this surah, the Quran mentions love and tranquility you experience with your mate as a sign, which makes it one of the powerful quranic dua for making someone fall in love with you ( see also most powerful dua for love back). Recite this dua of Surah AR-RUM 50 times before sleep as a dua to make someone fall in love with you. Before reciting this Ayeh of Surah Ar-Rum, you need to be clean and take a shower by performing ghusl . This surah is also one of the best surahs for love back.

Wa min Aayaatiheee an khalaqa lakum min anfusikum azwaajal litaskunooo ilaihaa wa ja’ala bainakum mawad datanw wa rahmah; inna fee zaalika la Aayaatil liqawminy yatafakkaroon

wazifa to make someone crazy in love

The last but not the leas are wazifa to make someone craze in love, which should be recited after the other two dua to make someone fall in love with you. SURAH AL-FURQAN (25) talks about spouse and children as the source of joy. To get an answer for this Quranic dua, you need to have a nayyah of making someone fall in love with you for marriage or making someone fall in love with you who already is married to you ( see also Quranic dua for love back).

According to Wikipedia, “Niyyah (Arabic: نیّة, variously transliterated niyyah, niyya [ˈniˌjah], “intention“) is an Islamic concept: the intention in one’s heart to do an act for the sake of God (Allah). … A Muslim must have niyyah before commencing salat (prayer) and to commence the Hajj (pilgrimage to Mecca)”. To get the best result of this wazifa to make someone crazy in love with you, recite this dua from SURAH AL-FURQAN (25) 100 times before morning Namaz – Salat al-Fajr. This dua also is considered as wazifa to make someone contact you if the intended person knows you, or if someone avoids talking with you, it is also considered as a dua to make someone talk to you.

Wallazeena yaqooloona Rabbanaa hab lanaa min azwaajinaa wa zurriyaatinaa qurrata a’yuninw waj ‘alnaa lilmuttaqeena Imaamaa

Wazifa To Make Someone Fall In Love With You

If you want to pray for the Dua to make someone fall in love with you, then you should follow the steps –

  • First, Recite Allah hus Samad 1000 times.
  • Then Open Chapter No.12 in Quran And recite Surah Yusuf (1-10) Five times.
  • Finally, Make dua to Allah for that Desired person to make fall In love with you.
  • Repeat this process by 21 days and, in the end, ask Allah to create feelings inside the heart of the other person for you. If you want a quick and effective result, then you should contact our Molana ji.

Surah can help me To Make Someone Fall In Love

If you love someone and want to marry the person shortly, then you can make Dua to make someone fall in love with you to Allah with all your heart. It’s not a Haram, according to the Quran.

Sometimes the person you love the most becomes separated from you, and that situation gives the birth of a deep pain inside your heart that can’t be concealed. If you are waiting for a single ring from the person you love or a call from your beloved person atleast for once, then you should use Dua to make someone Call You to receive a call from your beloved one.

the dua to make someone love you back does exactly the same for you. Allah Talah melts the heart of the person you love and he/ she starts loving with the same intensity as you do. Your partner will feel immense love, care, and compassion for you. He/ she will have the desire to spend the rest of their life with you. Dua to make someone fall in love with you will have a magical impact on your love and he/ she will soon become your life partner.

Yuhib Buhum Wa Yuhib Bunahu Azil Latin Alal Mu’meenina Aa Izzatan Alal Kaafireena

  • Recite this ayat on something which cannot be cooked on fire like sorbet or sweet curd or raisins 99 times.
  • Now, Just blow on it every time you complete 33 counts.
  • It means you have to blow thrice on it.
  • Then give it to the person you want to fall in love with you eat or drink.
  • Insha Allah, the person will immediately fall in love.
  • The procedure is mujarab and should be performed after seeking permission from Molvi Saab Peer Molana Ji.

How To Attract Someone Back Into Your Life

It is important to discuss the procedure of Islamic dua to make someone fall in love with you from our molvi Sab. He will give you the complete step-by-step process for it. The dua for making someone crazy for you will make your bond stronger and end the chances of fights and separation. It will create unending love and affection between the two of you. The dua for making someone love you back has already helped a number of people in reviving their love life and making their relationship stronger and better than before. You can also read the dua for love and attraction for this purpose.

  • Start the dua on a Friday night.
  • Make fresh ablution and wear clean clothes.
  • Sit on the prayer mat and recite “Ya Hayyu Ya Qayyum” 313 times.
  • Continue reciting this for 41 days. You can light incense while reciting the dua.
  • Focus on that person and make dua to Allah Talah to create mutual feelings in that person’s heart too.
  • Blow on a glass of water and offer it to your lover to drink.
  • Insha Allah, within 41 days or maybe before that person will start loving you.
  • Make sure you recite Durood Shareef 11 times in the beginning and in the end.
  • Soon everything will be as per your desire and wish. To get in touch with our Maulvi Sahab


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