Dua in Islam to make someone fall in love with you

Love is a beautiful emotion. We all experience this emotion at some point in our life. I Want a Dua To Get Him Back There’s nothing quite like the beauty of spending your life with someone who understands you and who wants to share your good and bad moments. But, often we only realize that love once we have lost it.

However, if you have woken up to this reality, know that you can turn things around. If you want to bring back the guy you used to love please know that there are ways to turn things around. Would you like to know what you can do about it? If yes then all you have to do is keep reading this blog until you reach the end and by the end of it, you will have a short fire way to bring him back.

How to Perform I Want a Dua To Get Him Back?

First of all, you need to create an ablution.
Now fill a glass with water and keep it in front of you.
Make sure to sit in the posture of prayer and the memory of Allah.
Make sure that your mind is not preoccupied with otherworldly thoughts or any kind of stress.
Now make sure to recite ya Ilaha Illallah 340 Times.
After this, you can take any verse of Surah and make sure to recite it at least 7 times wholeheartedly in the memory of Allah Talah.
As you begin to near the end, you can take a glass of water and drink it slowly while remembering Allah Tallah.
Do this consistently without stopping for 21 days straight.

Dua For Boyfriend Love Back

Do you want your boyfriend back, you love him but for some reason, he is not with you? Sometimes The bond becomes heavily impressive as partners have the pressure of family, job, marriage. If your behavior changes and the way he handles himself you start to read the Dua To Get Him Back, inshallah this powerful and mystical cure will restore in him the strong feelings of love and he’ll continue to treat you as before. Also, it is advised to read the full article to get a better understanding of the procedure of the Dua.

If you are on your way to meet the soul mate and would like to see that guy as the love of your life that you dreamed of, then I Want a Dua To Get Him Back is the best option. It will help you meet the right guy who will dedicate himself entirely to you and give you the best of all worlds as well. You will help out this Quranic amal if you have an idea of someone in your head, or you want your pitch to be with you. Also, you can consult Maulana Ji for guidance to get your lover back.


If you’re unhappy he doesn’t find you as cute and attractive and spend more time with other girls, you can grab his interest with the help of this Dua for boyfriend’s affection. Inshallah, he would continue to respect you, just as before he would find you charming. You will make greater attempts to look and sound the best when scheduling dates. This mix would lead to creating the kind of friendship you dreamed of.
Make fresh wuzu and sit in a peaceful corner.
Recite Durood E Sharif thrice.
After this imagine the face of your partner and recite Surah Yasin 11 times. Pray to Allah SWT for blessing your relationship and create a soft corner in their heart.
End the ritual by reciting Salawat thrice and blow on the face you have imagined.

Continue to read the rite for 11 days in this wazifa. Inshallah, very soon you will begin to see the effects. You see his actions difference and the influence of the I Want a Dua To Get Him Back on him becomes obvious. He’d give you the spotlight and make you feel special. If you needed someone extraordinary in your life, this can also be done with the aid of this boyfriend’s You have the most wonderful bond, and your life flourishes with laughter. I Want a Dua To Get Him Back

Some people want to have their ex back. All can sense self-realization to a certain degree. But you tried to speak and got no response, you don’t have to be panic. With Islamic Dua, you will get back your ex-love in the best way. Dua is known as the powerful thing that can satisfy the desires you are after in your life in the Islam world. In all facets of devotion, you will get in touch with the Baba Ji. You don’t have to go through any such process because it will affect your Dua To Get Him Back adversely.

Dua that will bring the lost one back

Please know that if you are going through hard times, then you are not alone. I Want a Dua To Get Him Back A lot of people have been through what you are going through. A lot of them have come out of these hard times. Just believe in the power of prayer and the universe, magic, and the power of Allah Talla, and the power of belief. dua for true love

You too can be one of those success stories and absolutely do not have to be a cautionary tale. If you really want to bring that lost someone back in your life to make your life whole again, first of all, you need to start practicing Namaz at least three times a day at the very least. Half of your trouble will be automatically solved by just practicing Namaz and making it a part of your routine.

Don’t worry if Namaz is not a part of your daily routine. It is all about getting into the habit. Once Namaz has become a part of your routine, you will not be able to live without it.

Powerful dua for lost love

Are you going through hard times? Perhaps you are facing some kind of familial problems. I Want a Dua To Get Him Back Maybe you are going through a divorce. Sometimes people have a hard time achieving success despite all of their efforts. Regardless of the nature of your problems, please know that we are here to help you out.

Get my love back in 3 days

All you have to do is pick up the phone and let us know what it is that is troubling you. We will then connect you to the Maulvi Sahab who will listen to your problem carefully and come up with the best possible solution. You can then make that solution a part of your life and follow it wholeheartedly without skipping any of the guidelines. We assure you that in no time you will begin to sense things are turning around for the good and you will be pleasantly surprised with the results.


There are life conditions where you can no longer bear it no matter what your fitness, job, business, family, and love are. Much of this can be tolerated to a small degree. Also, in this case, you cannot survive without your fellow person and want him or her as soon as possible; a permanent solution is available for you to get Baba Ji to execute Islamic Dua To Get Him Back or to know the protocol and to keep it recited. You will see the effects very quickly when you continue to notice the improvements and will be happy to get your ex back within three days.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get your boyfriend to love you again?
You can follow the Dua and consult Maulana Ji for the best advice, and the foremost thing is you should pray to the almighty to get the love of your life back.

What is the best way to get your love back?
The best way to get your lover back is to use the Dua To Get Him Back, it will help you to get your lover back, and live a happy life.

How to make my boyfriend fall in love with me again?
You can use the most powerful Dua to get your love back, it will help you to get you, love of your life, back, also believe in Allah he will give you everything you deserve in your life, so just pray and use this powerful Dua.