100% Working Dua for Coronavirus – Coronavirus Ki Dua

Dua for Coronavirus/Coronavirus ki Dua: Coronavirus is trending nowadays, and almost reaches to every country. It starts in China and now, it’s come to in Egypt, India, Pakistan, United States, etc.

Almost, all country’s leaders, doctors, scientists are trying to make a new coronavirus antibiotic. But still, they don’t make an antibiotic. Saudi Arabia’s government has also stopped various Hajj, Umrah’s pilgrims for securing from the coronavirus.

World Health Organization along with all country’s government are also working hard to make a recovery from Coronavirus. There are lots of symptoms of coronavirus and if you see any of the symptoms, then immediately you have to go to the hospital.

You can also protect yourself from coronavirus with the help of dua. There are various types of dua for protection from coronavirus. Here in this article, with the help of the Almighty Allah, I am going to provide you the working dua for coronavirus.

Working Dua for Coronavirus

Do you know brothers and sisters? World Bank announced an immediate help of 12 billion to those patients who are emerging with coronavirus. It’s a very serious disease, that’s why all are taking that many steps.

Some are offering prayers and some are getting help from Allah. In the Quran, coronavirus ki dua is also written and when you search it on the Quran, you will see lots of dua. But here in this article, I am going to provide you two working dua.

But before this dua, you have to see which symptoms are you facing?

Symptoms of Coronavirus

There are various symptoms of it but here I am providing a few ones which are important.

Runny Nose
Difficult to breathing
Pain in Mouth

Dua for coronavirus

Coronavirus se bachne ki Dua

If you are a true Muslim Ummah, then don’t take any type of tension and put all your hope in the Almighty Allah. Because emerging in a disease or having any infection comes from the Almighty Allah. If the Almighty Allah doesn’t want to give you an infection or disease, then you will not get any disease.

That’s why my brothers and sisters, I m saying you that, don’t get panic from any infection. I have written an article about the best prayer for healing protection in Islam, then you can also read that one article.

As we all know, one day we have to die and In Sha Allah, we have to meet with Allah SWT. But taking care of anything is also our priority. So, before reciting this dua, you have to follow some of the tips given below:

Before eating anything, you have to wash your hands
Don’t go to any rush places, but if you want to go, then you have to wear a mask
Every time in a day, you have to be in wudu
You have to pray all five times Salah in a day
If you eat any meat, then cook it perfectly
Always wear warm clothes because it’s a heat-sensitive
If you think, you have a cough, runny nose, then immediately concern with doctors and also get steam

Dua for protection from coronavirus

Allah Humma Inni Auzubika Minn Al Brasi Wal Jununi Wal Juzami Wa Min Sayi-il Asqaam


So, my brothers and sisters, here in this article, I told you everything about dua for coronavirus. I hope you like to read this article. If yes, then please share it with others, and if you have faced any problem, then put your query in the comment section. I will reach you as soon as possible.