Which Wazifa Use For Safe Normal Delivery

There are very few experiences in this world that can match that of motherhood. When a woman becomes a mother, she becomes a whole new person, and the first child also means that there is a new family to take care of.

Wazifa For Safe Normal Delivery

Nothing is as important as ensuring the safety and health of the child, and with wazifa for safe normal delivery, you will have Allah’s blessings, and your child will be born healthy.

When the time for delivery is near, the mother has to go through a lot of tensions and worries. Bringing the child safely into the world is of primary importance, and this wazifa will help with that.

Start the wazifa one month before the time of delivery
First, make ablution and wear clean clothes.
Then, on a clean white paper, write a prayer for your child. You can also ask a maulvi to give you’re a suitable prayer.
Next, put the paper inside an amulet
Then, tie the amulet with a string to the left thigh of the would-be mother
At the time of delivery, the child will be born safely.
After the baby is born, dispose of the amulet in clean, flowing water like a river, or you can bury it at the root of some plant.

With this wazifa, your baby will be protected from the evil eye and all kinds of diseases by the grace of Allah.

Wazifa For Easy Delivery

Wazifa For Easy Delivery, The process of childbirth can be very exciting and special, but during that moment, it can also be very painful for the mother. Mothers can spend hours in labor, and this can often result in excruciating pain. For an easy delivery, here is a wazifa a woman can try:

Perform fresh ablution and wear clean clothes
Procure some jaggery and keep it in front of you
Then, recite a suitable dua to pray for your child’s safety and your health
Next, recite the dua for 21 times
Then, blow on the jaggery and eat it
It would help if you did this for a month before the delivery, and you will have a safe childbirth.

There is another Dua which you can try, and you can keep repeating them from time to time.

Make sure you read your five times daily namaz
Then, after a bath and ablution, recite this Dua:
Allahumma lake Alhadu was laka shukru
Then, make your supplication to Allah
After that, recite this dua:
Rabba habit min ladunka nuraitan tayyabatan innaka same Aadduaee
You can also read the following Surahs on alternate days:
1st Surah Luqman will help in baby’s brain development
2nd Surah Yusuf will improve his health
3rd Surah Mariam will ease labor and help in safe delivery
The woman can also read the Astaghfar as many times a day as possible, and it will assist is normal and safe delivery.

Surah Mutaffifin For Normal Delivery

Surah Mutaffifin For Normal Delivery, For a child’s birth, a normal delivery is considered to be the best. Although medical science has made a lot of progress, and many women go for C-sections when the delivery is complicated, with Allah’s blessings, a woman can have a safe and normal delivery.

You can try to say this dua for a normal and painless delivery:
Rabba la tazarnee fazdan want khabru alwarisheena
You can also read the following dua for normal delivery as well as Allah’s blessings on your child.
Al Mubdiyo and Al Khaliqo.
Say this dua by placing your hands on your stomach. Then say Allah’s name as many times as possible.
You can also recite the following Surah:

First, start by reciting:

Allahumma I Nnee Aaas Alu Ka Bim Aa sa Ala ka Bihee Zaka riy yaa rabbi laa ta Dar neee
Start reciting this dua as soon as you come to know of your pregnancy and recite it each day for the entire nine months.
Before reciting the dua each day, do not forget to perform ablution
Read the Quran during this period as much as possible
You can also try this for a safe and normal delivery:

First, take a proper shower

Then, take a fresh and clean paper
After that, write the Surah on it:
Far Daw wwant a khay rul war itheen Allaa humma
Then, recite the Surah with devotion
Next, read the last page of the Quran and keep faith in Allah
Surah Inshiqaq Ayat For Healthy Delivery
Surah Inshiqaq Ayat For Healthy Delivery, With the Surah inshiqaq, you can ensure that your baby will be fit and fine, and you will also stay healthy and safe during delivery. After that, your family will be filled with joy.

Make sure that you also take care of yourself at this time, and the mother should not take unnecessary risks, which can harm the baby during this period.

At first, clean the whole house properly

Then, memorize the following Dua so that you can recite it daily, leading up to the days of the delivery.
Haab lee mi lladu nna duuri yyatan tyay ibah inn aka sa mee
You can also try this method for a safe delivery:

At first, make sure you clean the house properly
Then, take a fresh bath and do ablution
Next, read the Fazr namaz
Then, after consulting a maulvi, recite a suitable ayat for salamati or the wellbeing of the child and the mother
Visit the dargah from time to time.
Then, in the last few months leading to the delivery, read the Surah Al Inshiqaaq.
This will greatly help with a safe delivery. Apart from reading the wazifa, it is also important that the family members spend time with the mother and keep her happy.

If the mother is in a happy state of mind, then most of the problems are resolved automatically, and the wazifa for safe normal delivery will only make the rest of the process easier.