What Surah Is For Safety And Protection

As we know, safety and protection are the first concerns of all. So there is a big question in front of us that why do we need Wazifa for safety and protection?

Humans need society for their development. To fulfill this need, the family emerged as the first unit of society. Every person should have an environment of economic, physical, mental security for proper development. It is necessary. While living in the family, the distribution of work of family members becomes easy.

Wazifa For Safety And Protection

The future of human beings and health care to the future generation is also secure in a safe environment. But it is equally true that there are many such harmful elements in this society, which can also harm our family and us. That is why we feel the need for protection and safety.

Today we are going to talk about Wazifa for safety and protection in this article. By using this Wazifa, you will be able to protect your home, your family members, and yourself as well.

Wazifa for safety and protection are quite a powerful Islamic practices. For this, you have to recite the following dua at least 22 times before going to bed every day.

“ya Muq-lib Al-Q’l-bi Sa-bek-e Al-Qaq-luq al-di-ni-ka Rah-num”.

By reciting the Dua given above, we pray to Allah that we win the devil (Shaitan).

And Allah can give us just a way to eliminate that devil. May Allah help us in this. Give us security and shelter.
For this, we accept the creation of Allah and take a path. By doing this, the devil is cast out, and Allah provides very strong protection.

Wazifa For Protection of Family Members

Wazifa For Protection of Family Members, You work so hard in your life to meet the needs of your family members. Your main objective is to provide them security. So never create guilt about your work. If you create guilt about your work, then you are not giving the right effort to our work.

If you create a distress feeling for your job, then you are not giving the right energy to your job. One should never bring guilt about not being able to do the security of the family members. This is why, when you are concerned, you want to have something that protects your family. Wazifa, for the protection of family members, is the right solution for all your concern. Before reading this Wazifa for protection of family members, we have to make the following preparations:-

At first, make a fresh vaju then recite Sura-e-Nuh of the Quran. You should do this Wazifa on Friday after the prayers of Jumma.
After this, the Muslim brothers pledge to follow the path of truth. Raise your hand and pray to Allah for the integrity and safety of your family.
After praying for protecting the entire family from evil eyes, recite the Dua given below for 22 times: –
Naj-Reen Q’u-Ad- Aa-Sin Asha-Faq-Ul-Lah Nure Naj-Min In-shaah Allah.”
Allah offers the Qur’an for prayer -I will accept the Dua (Tarjuma-Kanjul Iman) when someone calls me. Therefore, when you call Allah by reciting the above Dua, he listens to you. Through this Wazifa you entrust Allah with the responsibility of protecting your family.

Wazifa For Protection of House

Wazifa For Protection of House, We must also protect our house. Many times it happens that you are sleeping and your household things get stolen. Some people are jealous of your progress too. In this jealousy, they do black magic on your house. As a result, many evil powers surround the house.

If you want to keep your house safe, then pray to Allah. A Wazifa for protection of the house in this is going to be very useful for you. It is also very important for a person to be truly safe at home. To keep your house safe, you need to recite the Wazifa for protection of the house. Whatever black powers you have in your house, they will go away forever after reading this Wazifa.

You should pray to Allah to destroy the effects of black magic. You’re your house.
Remember, you have to correct yourself before working for the Wazifa mentioned. That is to clean your mind.
For this, take a bead made of turmeric and sit on a green cloth at night facing west. Start reciting this stipend, “Allah Ra-su-le-ta-la Bis-mil-lah Rahim.” Recite it 100 times.
After reciting for 21 consecutive days, you will automatically see that your house environment has become very positive.
These stipends are very effective for home security.
Now the question arises, how do you know that someone has done magic at your house? If you want to test it, then you pay attention.

Fights will start in your house over small things. Also, there will be illness in the house.
The happiness and peace of your family members will be lost somewhere.
But reading this Wazifa, your house will be free from any black magic.
This Wazifa will also ruin the peace of that person who has done black magic.

Wazifa For Protection of Child

Wazifa For Protection of Child, Parents are always vigilant about their children. They are worried all the time that nothing should happen so that their Child has to face the problem. But the responsibility of parents does not end here either. Along with taking care of the safety of the Child, it is also their responsibility that their Child does not fall into any bad company. Apart from this, parents must keep their children from evil powers. If anyone do black magic on you and you want to protect from it then use our Islamic Wazaif for Black Magic.

In such a situation, it is very important to tell the Child how to stay safe. Also, parents should take special care of some things so that Children should not face any problem. Wazifa for the protection of Children is one of the ways to keep children safe. With the help of this Wazifa, parents can save their children from all the bad things.

Let us know how to try this ‘Wazifa for protection of child.’

It would be best if you started reciting Darude-Ibrahim. Do this lesson both in the morning and in the evening.
You need to read it continuously for 11 days. You can also do it for a few more days.
You will need to read 11 times each day. After reciting 11 times, now recites “Aa-ju- waj tul na-din asi-me-tul-lah wa-je-din” 11 times.
The appropriate Wazifa will ensure that any work done honestly shows you the right path. With this Wazifa, your Child will be protected from all evil eyes.
As long as you remain spiritual, you can protect yourself from the displeasure of Allah. Just focus on doing your work. Therefore, you should be ready to win with a good heart, whether it is an enemy or a difficult situation. Allah will surely help you. Amen.