Islamic spiritual verses for various purposes

Wazifa To See Unseen, Wazifas are Islamic verses that are recited to invoke the blessings of the Prophet and remove obstacles in life and seek specific favours. The Sunni Muslims believe that Allah has provided powers to the Prophet to see the unseen and become aware of the mysteries of Ghayb or unseen.

Wazifa To See Unseen

The unseen is the Allah’s information that has been only been provided to the Prophet Mohammed. Thus, Prophet can be called the trustee of all the unknown information that has been passed on by Allah. When we talk about wazifa to see unseen it can imply the following things.

To see the angels

The hidden, unseen angles can only be ascertained by the Prophet. The wazifa to connect with the angels around you through the Prophet makes you aware of the divine information that only Allah has kept hidden from the world.

To see the Prophet

The Prophet described the Wazifa regarding the events that happened and would happen between the beginning of this world to the end. He said that this Wazifa should be used to ascertain whether you are destined for heaven or hell with the help of the Prophet himself. The Prophet gives information about your exact place in heaven or hell.

To see Allah

Wazifa to grasp the hand of the Prophet gives you access to the information of Ghayab or the unknown that the Allah gave to the Prophet. As a result, you become one with the Allah without committing Kufr or Shirk.

There are some rules to follow while reading wazifa to see unseen.

The wordings of the wazifa must be read with correct pronunciations. There is no scope for error.
The reason for uttering the wazifa must be sharia compliant and correct.
The wazifa would only work if you engage in salah 5 times without fail.
The time and place to read the wazifa must not change. In case of an emergency which requires you to go to another place it is imperative that you take your prayer mat with you.
The attire of both men and women should be according to Islamic traditions when reciting the wazifa.
Talking and even gestures are forbidden during wazifa. There should be no distractions at all. You need to be alone in the room.
Shaving is forbidden for men during the duration of wazifa because shaving violates sunnah of the Prophet.
You should wear non-alcoholic perfume or ittar during the duration of wazifa.
You should refrain from lying or backbiting during the duration of Wazifa.
Prior to starting the wazifa on every occasion you need to seek Allah’s forgiveness by doing DO A 2 RAKAT TOBAH SALAH and DO A TOBAH.
If the wazifa is read beside the grave of a Prophet, Sahabi, Shaheed, Aulia or a Salih then it would work like a magic.
The wazifa should not be terminated midway and must be continued even if it does not work within a stated time period. The wazifa must be read till the time you get what you seek from the Allah.
Two kinds of wazifas for two different hajats should never be attempted because this will not allow any wazifa to work. Two persons also cannot do wazifa for the same hajat.
Your income should not be haram. The wazifa would only work if your income is halal.
Wazifa performed for any other person who does not do 5 times salah would not be accepted by the Allah.

Divine dreams

If you want to know what the future holds for you then you should do wazifa to see future in dream. For this, you need to sleep wudu every night and before going to sleep you must recite the Allah’s name as “Ya badi-o”. As a result, you will have a dream through which you would witness your future.

The dreams gradually become clearer and clearer. There is no need to interpret the dreams as everything would be clear to you. One precondition is that you must never tell anyone about the dreams. If you do not obey this condition then the dreams will stop automatically.

If in the dream you see that something bad is in store for you in the future then you should recite the following lines after waking up.

Darood e Ibrahimi 1 time

“Bismillah hil lazi la ya durro ma as me hi Shay un fil arde vala fis sema-e va ho vas sami ul aleem”….3 times

Darrod e Ibrahimi 1 time again

The wazifa to see true dreams where you get to know what will happen even the next day is same as the one mentioned above. According to the Hadis, true dream is the 46th section of the wahi. You need to please the Allah by praying and invoking him to fulfill your desire of seeing the future in the dream.

There are many wazifas in Majmooa, Tohfatul and Awaam such as Dua-e-Sabaasab, Dua-e-Mujeer, Dua-e-Hojob, Dua-e-Yastashir and Dua-e-Saheefah. These verses should be recited truthfully to have the divine dreams.

The dreams become clearer as you get more proficient in reciting the verses. Wazifa can also be recited for getting rid of nightmares. There are many people who suffer from nightmares on a regular basis which makes them fearful of even getting into bed. Wazifa is effective in stopping your fantasies from becoming terrible dreams.

Everyone is also curious to know about their future life partners. This is particularly true for women who are even more curious than men to know about their future husbands. You can use wazifa to see future husband in your dream. Like everything else, the dream that enables you to see your future can also reveal your future husband.

The powerful wazifa to invoke the blessings of Allah helps you in overcoming your curiosity to have some idea about your future husband. There is no different technique or verses to see your future husband in the dream. Allah’s name must be recited with full devotion before going to sleep in order to fulfill your heart’s desire to see your future husband. Allah does not disappoint your genuine prayer and makes your future husband appear in your dream.