rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min khairin faqir for marriage

Everyone desires to have a soul mate. It is not very difficult to get married, nor is it hard to find a spouse. If you are honestly seeking to settle down, have a job and live happily there is a solution to your problem. This is the golden truth that can be put to test; for Muslims as well as non-Muslims. What I am about to share with you will change your life forever insha-Allah. Even the most talented, highly educated and most resourceful people (or organizations) in the entire world can not solve this problem; nor make any such promises to anyone. You will find books titled, “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” but none of these books can guarantee a marriage or a spouse. However, there is one Internationally renowned book that provides the solution. In fact, it challenges mankind to apply its formula and experience the beauty and sweetness of becoming married. In as much as many have tried to “Burn” the Quran, accused it of spreading violence and terrorism; surprisingly it happens to be the ONLY Book on the planet earth that teaches the message of love, affection and marriage (besides a million other great things). So are you ready to embark on this journey? Are you sincerely seeking to get married? Are you ready to apply the Quranic truth and experience its reality? Or are you just playing around?

Today, hundreds and thousands of “match-makers” try and link people together. But the beauty of the Quran is in its simplicity. I met my wife and married her after reading this verse of the Glorious Quran. Let me share with you the golden verse of the Noble Quran that holds the golden keys to getting married.

All you have to do on a daily basis is start reciting this verse from the Holy Quran:

Rabbi inni lemaa anzalta elayya min khairin faqeer (Chapter 28, verse 24)

Verse 24 is the Supplication or “Du’a” that everyone needs to read, if not memorize. Whenever, you feel lonely and full of desire for a spouse, or feel the pain of not having a wife or husband, then start reading this dua. Read it standing, sitting, walking, laying, before prayers, after prayers and in any mode of your daily activities and as many times. Below is the Arabic of what was transliterated above:

رَبِّ إِنِّى لِمَآ أَنزَلۡتَ إِلَىَّ مِنۡ خَيۡرٍ۬ فَقِيرٌ۬

Insha Allah within 4-months you will see the doors open and Allah ta’ala will alleviate/remove your pain by providing you with a spouse. So, what you have to do is after you read this verse a number of times; make sure to ask Allah (God) in a way similar to what follows:

“Oh Allah! You have made every living thing in pairs. The sincere, beautiful and pious pair that you have created for me, please give it to me”

It is recommended that one recites this verse at least 10 times and after finishing this dua ask Allah Almighty for a spouse that is kind, beautiful, soft hearted, pious, loving and a gentle soul mate. What you want in your spouse is what you should ask but if you don’t ask for piety or kind heartedness then don’t blame anyone but yourself.

Dua for a Good Spouse

رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنْزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ

Recite Rabbi inni limaa anzalta ilayya min khairin faqeer (O Allah! I am in dire need of the good that you will send to me – Surah Qasas:24) thrice after every salaah. Mufti Ebrahim Salajee

Insha Allah within 4-months you will see the doors open and Allah ta’ala will relieve your pain with a spouse. After you read this verse a number of times, make the dua that:

“Oh Allah! You have made every living thing in pairs. The sincere, beautiful and pious pair that you have created for me, please give it to me.”
إنشاء الله

These are duas to be read for a compatible spouse:

Surah Qasaas last portion of aayat 24

رَبِّ إِنِّي لِمَا أَنزَلْتَ إِلَيَّ مِنْ خَيْرٍ فَقِيرٌ

Hadrat Moosa (AS) dua: O my Lord! truly am I in (desperate) need of any good that Thou dost send me!”
Recite 113 times

Surah Wa’Duha
3 times
From the 1st of the Islamic Month for 11 days
Do this for 3 consecutive months
*Best time to read it is before bed

After Isha Salaah

Read Durood Sharif 11 times

Followed by Ya Latifoo 111 times

And Durood Sharif again 11 times

Make sincere dua with yakeen, do this daily.
Also recite Surah Dahr every day after maghrib
And ‘Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal wakeel” 120 times and make dua sincerely.

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