Dua For Peace Of Mind: Want to revenge your enemies? Looking for a strong spell to punish someone who hurt you? want to get rid of your enemies on a daily basis? If you have suffered enough already. & if you want someone to pay back for what they have done to you, then this forum is the best place for you. As-Salam Alay Kum – Welcome to our portal. If you are in pain or trouble because of a specific person or a group of people and you want revenge, then we can help you here. The very first step is to calm your mind. Anger is not a solution. It invites other problems. The best is to wait and then attack the person who has hurt you. Never attack anyone physically or verbally, rather than go for the Dua For Peace Of Mind.

You have already suffered enough, unnecessarily. It would be stupid to put yourself into trouble by doing something illegal and haram. You might be a victim of someone you trusted. Your own loved one might be the one to hurt you. so, first try to console and rest your mind, as much as you can. This will help you to explain your situation better for us. You can talk to our Astrologer about anything, without any hesitation. This will help us in providing you with the best spell to punish someone who hurt you, as per your situation.

Read the below mentioned Islamic dua for peace of mind for the first 3 days – Has Bayaa Allaah Waa Naa Mmel Vaqeel

This Islamic dua for peace of mind will help you to surrender to Almighty – ALLAH SUBHAN WAA TAALA to provide you with justice. After three days, you are ready to practice the spell to punish someone who hurt you.

Spell To Punish Someone

Rabaaanaa Ighfirr Laanaa Zunubana Va Issrafanaa Fee Amreena Wa Sabit Aqdamana Wansurna Aaalaal Qawmil Qafeeren. The above given Islamic dua to take revenge must be recited in a systematic manner. If you want to punish your enemy then you must avoid mistakes and errors. The procedure to recite the above mentioned Islamic dua to take revenge is –

Start reciting DUROOD SHAREEF at least 13 times, at the beginning of the procedure.
Now, read SURAH IKHLAS (13 times) and the above given Islamic dua to take revenge – 100 times.
Keep a paper in front of you, with a pen write over it the name of your enemy and his or her mother’s name, along with it.
Make prayer and request Allah to provide you with justice and to punish him or her for hurting you.
Recite DUROOD SHAREEF again 13 times & blow your breath on that paper.

Try to place that paper close to your enemy, as much as you can.

This Islamic dua to take revenge will not only punish someone for hurting you but will also hurt his wrong intentions against you. You will be saved from him or her in the future from being hurt again. Masha Allah. Try the spell to punish someone who hurt you now!

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In sha Allah we will solve your problem

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