Dua for Beautiful Baby Boy

A woman often wants to be blessed with a male child first. A male child proves to be the support system of parents in the latter days of their life. Though Allah talah doesn’t ask you to discriminate between male and female babies, still couples prefer to get a baby boy. If you also want to get a baby boy as your next child, then you should recite dua for a beautiful baby boy. The dua will help you in becoming the parents of a male child very soon.

The Quran has some of the best wazifa and duas to get a baby boy. If you have already got daughters and now you wish to get a baby boy for your family who could carry your name forward, is the best remedy for you. It will help you in getting a male child. Though Allah Talah has never suggested gender preference and according to the Almighty a girl child brings more betterment to her parents, still if you want a male child who can look after you in your old age and be with you all the time when your daughters are married, then recite dua for beautiful baby boy and surely you will be blessed with a healthy and beautiful baby.

Praying for a male child isn’t bad and you can always make dua for it. The dua will enhance your chances of conceiving a male child. Remember no one except Allah knows what’s inside a woman, so you cannot know. However, you can make dua for a beautiful boy and pray to Allah Miyan to bless you with a baby boy, and Insha Allah, you will get your desires fulfilled. You can get the procedure of dua for a beautiful baby boy from our experienced and professional molvi sahib.

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Recite Ya Bari’u 100 times after every Friday namaz and pray to Allah Talah for a son.
Insha Allah, soon your wish will be granted.

If you are deprived of the happiness of having a baby boy, then you should perform Surah Yusuf baby boy and it will make your wish come true. The dua can be recited by any woman thinking of conceiving or has already conceived. However, you should make the dua with a pure heart and right faith. You should not have anything against having a girl child or your dua will never manifest. The dua can also be recited by either of the parents, or grandparents.

The dua is said to be extremely powerful and it will give you the desired results in your first attempt. Make sure you recite surah Yusuf baby boy daily 100 times after every obligatory prayer of the day and make dua to Allah Talah for your desires. Plead and beg to the Almighty for your motherhood. It is your sincerity and intention which counts in front of Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala. Sometimes women have 5 or 6 daughters and then their desire to have a male child just collapses. But, remember, you should ever lose faith in the Almighty and keep praying till you get it

Indeed you will be bestowed with what’s best for you. For any further query on dua for beautiful baby boy, you should consult our molvi sahib. He will give you the best possible solution as per your problem. Remember nothing is impossible for Allah Subhana Wa’ Tala, so undoubtedly you will get a baby boy even if you have had several daughters or no child years after your marriage. Just have faith and keep making dua.

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