How to Make Agree For Marriage Update 2023

As Salamu Alaykum dear brothers and sister in Islam! – MAKE AGREE FOR MARRIAGE
May ALLAH AZZAWAJAL fulfill all your legitimate desires with a lot of ease. I am presenting another very powerful wazifa for marriage of your choice. Whether you are a boy or girl you can perform this wazifa. But both will have to recite this every day without skipping any single day. Before performing this wazifa I would request you to perform a yaALLAH Nikah Istikhara first. Once it comes positive you can go ahead with this yaALLAH Wazifa.

Duration is for 11 continuous days;
Make a fresh wudu;
Recite Chapter Yaseen Sharif 3 times;
Recite Ya ALLAHU Ya Fattahu 303 times;
Pray for the easy solution to your problems in marriage;
And in addition, both of you will do this on Friday after Friday obligatory prayer;
Start with reciting 10 times Durood Sharif;
Recite 1001 times Ya Wadudo;
Again, in the end, recite 10 times Durood Sharif again;
Blow on some salt and keep this salt with respect;
This is a one-time wazifa. Boy will recite this for his parents and girl for her parents’ consent;
Then daily mix this salt in parents food and keep very nice and polite behavior with them;
After some days, ask them with respect and honor for your marriage suggestion. Insha ALLAH they will give their consent;

The Islamic Wazifa for solving all problems which are creating in the life or life phenomena whether the problems are related to complex or hard and whether the problems are related to an easy or simple because the Islamic Wazifa converts with its own power the hard work into easy work.

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