So, you want to have a pious partner and want to marry with your desired person. It’s a common issue, everyone wants to be with his/her desired person. But the main issue is some of them can’t be with his or her desired or beloved person because of the different social issues, family issues, and more. Sometimes these issues become big problems and even become more complex to solve the issues.

Allah knows everything and that’s why he offers some ways to solve these issues and give them several opportunities to live together with peace. But he restricts them from doing the evil thing. So, it’s very simple to marry someone you deserved.

Islamic dua for marriage with the desired person

Recite; ” Allahu Tala Wa Alihi-wa salam” 7 times in the every morning you wake up and 1 time before you go to bed.

Al. We just need to follow the given dua to make this happen. Islamic dua works when human being asks Allah to the decree for something that is beneficial for a human being and ask Allah to make them in a position where they will be doing only the good this and avoid the evils things.

Make an ablution from your deepest part of your heart;
Recite; “Durood Shareef” three times
Recite; “Ya Wadoodo” 100 times in every morning and late night.
Recite; “Ya Ra_oofo” 101 times every day and recite as many times as possible
Again recite; “Darood Shareef” 3 three times
And pray for your purpose

Dua for marrying a specific person
In Islamic tradition, Dua is always considered as an Arabic “Word” which refers to “Faith in Almighty Allah”. Many times we face a lot of issues in our marriage and often many issues constitute marriage, there would be no way to get solutions for the issues. But you have to keep faith in yourself and keep looking for the right way.

You must be-be ritually pure to perform dua
Before going to bed try to recite “Sura fatiha” 99 times
Recite; “Surah Al_Kafirun” 73 times
After that go straight to bed and sleep with his or her pace toward “Qiblah”
Dua for love from someone that you love
heart connection, creating a connection from one heart to another heart is really a magic. When we inclined towards a man or woman but the other person doesn’t love you and even doesn’t like you. In this case, we need to create a connection to their heart so that we can communicate through the heart without talking to him/her. I have included some important dua in earlier this article, you start making those Dua to create a heart connection between you and the person you desire.

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