Are you facing any type of trouble and difficulty in your life and all these troubles come from the enemies?

If you think that, your enemies are harming you continuously and now you want to protect yourself from the enemies.

You don’t only protect yourself from the enemies but also want to protect your family too from the enemies.

So, brothers and sisters, don’t take any type of tension, because after knowing the dua to make the enemy go away.

You will get free from your enemies and after that, In Sha Allah, your enemies will not harm you anymore.

After that, with the help of the Almighty Allah, you will live your whole life happily with your family.

You will live your life without any worry as well as the tension, that tension which comes from the enemies.

So, brothers and sisters, if you want to know the most powerful and working dua to make enemies go away.

Then don’t go anywhere because here in this article, we’ll provide you the best dua to make enemies go away.

If you want to know this most powerful and the best dua to make enemy go away, then stay here.

Dua to make enemy sick
If the enemy harms you and makes you and your family sick with the help of the Kala jadu/ black magic.

Then this is not the right thing for you and your enemy because the Almighty Allah is seeing everything.

He knows that who is your enemy and what procedure or way your enemy is performing to make you sick.

And in one day, the Almighty Allah SWT will also make the same thing in the life of your enemy.

And at the day of judgment, the Almighty Allah will take your all the revenge of your and your family.

That’s why brothers and sisters, if your enemy makes you sick then don’t worry about that, just offer the Namaz.

enemy go away dua
And if you are still facing any harm then you just have to meet with the Molvi Sahab or expert.

But if you want to make your enemy sick then it’s not a good thing and is an illegal process.

Because if you will perform the same process which your enemy applies to you, then what is the difference between you and your enemy.

Put your all the faith on the Almighty Allah and In Sha Allah, one day he will rewards you.

And if you want to know the dua to make enemy sick then don’t recite such types of dua.

We are telling you this because we are human beings and we have the brain and heart, so don’t perform this illegal process.

Dua to make enemy suffer
As we told you in the above that, you have to put your trust on the Almighty Allah SWT.

And you don’t have to perform any illegal procedure or this dua to make enemies suffer and make enemy sick.

Here in this article, we will only provide you the dua to make the enemy go away and the complete procedure.

We will provide you the step by step procedure of how to recite the dua to make the enemy go away.

First of all, you have to make a habit of reading or offering five times salah in a day.

And after the completion of every single Namaz or the Salah, you’ve to recite dua to make the enemy go away.

Always remember that, before reciting such dua, you have to read the Darood Shareef and then make a dua.

And in the dua, you have to recite this:
“Allah Humma inni Auzubikaa Minn Jahdee Alblaaii Waa Darakii Asshhaqaii Waa Suu Ee Alqaza ee Wa Shama Tahii Al Aadaii“

After that beg from the Almighty Allah and In Sha Allah, the enemy will go away from your life permanently.

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