There are several wazeefas or dua for love between husband and wife creating or increasing love between the husband and wife. Even these Dua is used to remove the friction and disunity between the two. There must have a common question and is there any way to solve problems or frictions between husband and wife? Yes, definitely there are several solutions to solve all your problems.

Before finding solutions you might have to address the cause or reason of the issues. What causing friction and disunity between husband and wife? The answer should be “The aspirations of Shaitan”. Shaitan does not need to spare anything to achieve such a type of power. With a view to protecting oneself from the Shaitan. You must follow the dua for love between husband and wife which is given by Allah.

dua for love between husband and wife

In order to create or develop love between husband and wife, you need to follow the instructions;

Dua (190); “Bismillahir Rahaman-nir Rahim” recite 786 times before going to bed every night;
Dua (191); “Suhah_Annisa” Recite 71 times every day;
Dua (197); “Rerse-31 of Ali Imran” Recite 3 times every day;
Dua for love between husband and wife Quran
If you want to improve love between you and your Husband/Wife, The Holy Quran should be punctually recited in your home. In Hadith, the house where the Quran is being recited, Allah increases the blessing therein and he sends the angels to protect you from the Shaitan. And the house where the Quran is not being recited, the Shaitan get a chance to create friction between the family members.

Pray every morning a dua for love between husband and wife when you wake up. “O Allah, reconcile with love and understanding between our heart”. And also say, “resolve our broken connection between our hearts and guide us toward peace”, and take us out of the darkness to the brightness of truth and guidance.

To increase affection between the spouse, recite the following dua for love between husband and wife 91 times every day;

“Wamin Ayatihi An_khaloqa Iakum-min anfusikum azawajan;
Litaskunoo Ilayhawaja-AAala baynakum ma-wadatan wara-hmatan inna;
Feetalika laayatin liqa-wamin yataf-akkaroona”

Dua to bring husband and wife closer
The relationship a husband and his wife should be like the relationship between the hand and eye if the eye cries. The hand should be there to wipe its tears. It was written in Biharul Anwar, in order to create, love between the man and his wife. Write the name of “Ashab Al-kahf” and then the name of your spouse with her or his father’s or mother’s name and wear it as a “Ta-wid” on you right hand. Say eleven times “O my Allah, send blessing to our heart to build a strong connection between us”.

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