Free Surah For Love Back

Free Surah For Love Back

Wazifa For Getting Lost Love Back

Love is the most important feeling in this entire world. When two people are in love this is the best feeling they can ever feel. A person can do anything to get his true love. He does not want to lose his lover in any case. But sometimes people lose their love and this is really a panic situation for them. If you cannot live without your lover then under such a situation the wazifa for getting lost love back will be the best way to bring your ex-love back.

Often due to silly mistakes, people lose the love of their partner. Sometimes people become over-possessive about their partner. Everybody in this world wants space. If you will not give space to your partner then your partner will also start to maintain distance with us. We cannot always spy on anyone. This is one of the basic reasons why people lose their love. In such a case, if you lose your love then it becomes very difficult to get lost love back. No one wants a partner who is over possessive.

In such case, the most beneficial thing by which we can get our love back is wazifa for love. This is a very effective wazifa. People often perform this in the wrong way. They should proper information from Molvi Sahib before performing this wazifa.

Surah For Love Back

Firstly we should clean the place where we will perform this wazifa.
After that we should take Jaye Namaz or a clean mat on which we can perform this wazifa.
After that read two rikat nafil namaz.
After that read Surah Kausar for 56 times.
Then read this dua for 522 times “ Feejeedi Haa Habluum Mimm Masad.
After that take a bottle of honey.
Then write the name of your lover on a piece of paper.
Then stick that paper on that bottle of honey.
After that read Durood Shareef for 3 times.
Then blow your breath on that bottle of honey.
After that donate that bottle to any poor person.
Then take some sugar.
After that read Ayatal Kursi for 56 times.
Then eat some sugar and the rest throw it outside your house.
Read the Pehla Kalma for 55 times.

Perform this Get love back wazifa for 5 days.

Everyone wants to live a happy and peaceful life with their lover. It is bliss to marry the love of your life and if your lover has become angry with you, then just perform get love back surah to win their love back in your life. Insha Allah, soon things will get better. Even if it was your entire fault, your lover will forgive you.

If there has been some random misunderstanding conflict in your love life and because of which you and your lover have parted, then you should practice love back and Insha Allah, your lover will come back to you. Just practice the dua with right intent and it will attract your lover back to you. Things will be perfect and much better between you two than before.

Get love back wazifa is for such people only who have lost their love and now they want to get it back. It has already helped a lot of lovers in winning their ex-lover back in their life. Insha Allah it will give you similar helps, if you perform it with the right motives. For any such details regarding this wazifa you can email or call our molvi sahib, directly and he will give you the best guidance possible.

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Free Surah Dua For Beauty on Face

Free Surah Dua For Beauty on Face

Surah Noor For Beautiful Face

Every woman has the right to look beautiful and take steps to enhance her beauty. It is natural to focus on enhancing your beauty. You would surely want yourself to look your best. But, going for artificial makeup isn’t suggested as they are temporary remedies and will never give you the noor you desire, which comes from the inside. Hence, you should perform surah noor for a beautiful face. The dua will offer you the best beauty which no other thing in worldwide can offer will completely transform your look and take your beauty to another level.

No matter whether you want to enhance your beauty for your husband or for your marriage, it is halal in Islam. You can look your best for your husband. The will make you attractive and appealing to your partner. If you have been rejected by people because of your looks, then will offer you the best results for your skin. It will make you attractive and Insha Allah, you will never be rejected by anyone. If any proposals come for you, you will instantly be accepted.

If your face has a lot of marks, acne, and spots and you want a clean face, then you should recite a beautiful face, and Insha Allah, you will get a clear face. It will heal your skin and wipe out all the blemishes, spots, and marks. Your face will glow and it will be spotless. It is essential to discuss the procedure of surah noor for a beautiful face and he will give you the right guidance related to it. Don’t be upset, the dua will make your face spotless and exceptionally beautiful.

Which Surah To Recite for Noor On Face

If your complexion is dark and people make fun of you, then you should make dua for a beautiful face. The dua will give you an attractive and appealing face and everyone who has made fun of you will praise you. If you are ugly or you have any skin problem, then dua will end all these problems and give you a clean and clear face. It will make you amazingly appealing and look your best. You don’t have to use artificial skincare stuff to hide your flaws. The dua for a beautiful face will give you long-lasting beauty and wipe out all your skin problems.

It is also advisable that you should have good eating habits and perform good deeds. It is said that what you do gets reflected on your face. Hence always be positive and do good things. If your actions are good, then you will have a good face and no disease or problem will reach your face. It is also essential not to use too many artificial products. Reciting namaz and Quran also brings glow, vibrancy, and shine to your face. So, be a regular namaz and recite Quran Shareef daily.

In order to get noor on your face and heart, you should perform Surah Noor once daily at any point of the day.
Then blow on your palm and rub your palm all over your face and chest. Insha Allah, you will get an amazing glow on your face.
The procedure is very simple but it yields amazing results. It will make you look exceptionally vibrant, glowing, and beautiful. You will have spotless and flawless beauty and everything will be great with you. If you need any personal help for you, then you should contact our molvi sahib for it. He will provide you the right help.

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Shohar Ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua

Are you that wife whose husband doesn’t spend his life according to your way or need that you want. And you don’t like this, that is why now you are looking for the Dua to control your husband.

So, sisters, if you want to control your husband then don’t worry we have the most powerful Dua for you. This is the Shohar ko Kabu karne ki Dua which is the most powerful and 100% working and genuine Dua. We are 100% sure about that, if you will recite the shohar ko kabu karne ki dua then you will get the results.

Shohar ko Kabu Karne Ki Dua
Here we will also tell you, how to recite the dua and all the other important Amal for your husband. It is not mandatory for you to recite only the dua, you can also take help from the Wazifas. There’re tons of Amals as well as Wazifas to control your husband and you can take the help from it.

Shohar ko kabu Karne ka Wazifa
If your husband is busy with someone and he spent his time with someone and he comes late at home. This is that condition which every wife or women don’t accept and if you are one of them. And you want to remove these habits of your husband then don’t go anywhere because this article will help you.

If your husband doesn’t like to talk with you but you want your husband to always talk to you forever. Then don’t worry sisters, we will tell you or provide you the strongest and powerful wazifa to control your husband.

If you will perform this powerful and strongest shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa in the right way and procedure. Then, this wazifa to control your husband or the shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa will definitely help you.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka Amal
So, sisters if you want to know the shohar ko kabu karne ki Dua or the wazifa and the Amal.

Then here is the dua to control husband and the shohar ko kabu Karne ki Dua:
“innallazeenaa Aamanuu Waa Amiluu Assalihatii Sayajj Aluu Lahumuu Arrahmaanuu Wudann”
Here is the wazifa to control husband and the Shohar ko kabu karne ka wazifa:
You just have to recite the wazifa to control husband after the completion of all the 5 times Namaz in a day.
If you don’t offer the Namaz or a salah then this wazifa or the Amal don’t gonna work.
So sisters, if you want to get the benefits from such types of Wazifa or the Dua then you must have to pray all the Salahs.
You have to make the Dua for the shohar ko kabu karne ki Dua after the completion and while making the Dua.
In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will help you and creates the love in the heart of your husband and controls him.

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