Strong Wazifa To Control Husband Fast Update 2023

Strong Wazifa To Control Husband Fast

Wazifa to Control Husband in 1 Day,”It has been seen that some Husband do not listen to their Wife advice and just keep doing their mind work or keep listening to their Ammi or Abbu. But Wife wants her fame to listen to her too and for the person for whom she has left everything and left everything, at least that power should listen to her.

Strong Wazifa To Control Husband Fast

So friends, today’s wazifa is for those sisters who are trying to make their fame on their side in a pure way. So first of all, if you want that your fame should only listen to you, if you say day or day, you say night or night, then it is not possible. He just understands you and respects you. So I am going to tell 1 wazifa below. No one should be practiced without permission because success cannot be achieved in it. Be sure to get permission before implementing it.

Wazifa to Control Husband in 1 Day

See you have to bring some stuff first. After that this implementation has to be done. In the material, you have to take 3 black pepper 3 long 1 grain of carom seeds. A green cloth has to be brought for laying down. You have to bring one incense stick, one incense stick. Have to bring something sweet like makhane, batase, or any other sweet.

  • First of all, you have to set aside a day and take a bath and become clean.
  • After that one day you have to take off the eyes of your husband.
  • To remove the eyes, you have to keep 3 black peppers in the right hand, 3 cloves and one carom seeds in the opposite hand.
  • After that both the hands have to be spit on the husband and spit on it and throw it in the dirty drain.
  • After that, in your room where you sleep, put a green cloth in front of you and light the incense stick, and keep the sweet thing in a bowl.
  • Then you have to recite this dua :- “Kul Huvallahu Ahad Ya Hannanullah Husmad Ya Mannan Lamayalid Valam Yulad Valam Yakullalhu Kufuwan Ahad”
  • Dua has to be recited 47 times in every week on any one day, for 47 days, Dua should not be stopped in between.
  • Then you have to feed that sweet thing to your husband on the same day, you have to feed sweet thing only 3 times, once when you start wazifa, second when your husband mood is right, and lastly when 47 days are over Then.

Qurani Dua for Control My Husband

As soon as the 47 days are over, whenever you want to try and see your fame, you have to make that complaint to Allah once and then you have to say that thing to your husband. Your fame will speak on your behalf. As you say, so will your fame. Where it is a matter of choosing between you and others, your fame will support you. Will support you everywhere, in a way they will be on your side.

Wazifa to Control Husband in 3 Days

If you want to control your husband in just 3 days, then do a simple exercise. The practice is such that after getting the photo of your husband removed, face the picture upwards and put some heavy thing on it like a brick. In just 3 days your husband will be under your control.

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