Islamic Prayer To Win Lottery

Islamic Prayer To Win Lottery

Islamic Prayer To Win Lottery Jackpot, Winning jackpot is a pleasing experience. You wish to hit the jackpot every time you buy a lottery ticket. Hitting the jackpot in the lottery can bring you financial prosperity. Moreover, you can ensure a stable life with money won in the jackpot.

There is nothing wrong in trying your luck in the lottery. Besides that, you want a stable and secure future for you and your family. For that, you need sound financial health. As a result, you aim at winning the lottery to get sound financial backing.

Islamic Prayer To Win Lottery

Meanwhile, you see people winning the jackpot and wish to join the league someday. Generally, thousands of people purchase a lottery ticket and only one grab the jackpot. Furthermore, the lure of winning attracts you. You want to win big and make a mark for yourself.

However, what you wish doesn’t come true. You purchase a lottery ticket to win but return empty-handed. You try each time but couldn’t grab the jackpot.

As a result, the thought to quit playing the lottery comes but you couldn’t go for it. However, permanent losses make it difficult for you to continue. Moreover, money gets wasted in purchasing the lottery ticket. Meanwhile, there is a belief that winning is in your destiny.

Islamic Prayer To Win Lotto

  • Effect of your planetary movements
  • You are not having exact knowledge about lottery dynamics
  • Someone cheating with you (say by changing the number of the lottery)
  • Impact of negative energy on you
  • You purchasing ticket at wrong time of the day
  • These kinds of things are not in your control. Therefore there is nothing much you can do about such hindrance in your path. There is a wish to win but for this to happen all the obstacle have to be removed.

It is easy to correct the issue of the lack of knowledge of lottery dynamics. However, other factors are not in your control. What if the negative energy is working against you? What if the lottery owner is cheating on you? There can be a possibility of all these.

The worst part is that you can’t do much about such situations. You have to take the position as it is. However, would you like such external conditions to be on you? Would you succumb your zeal of winning? Well, that’s not an option.

Secret Prayer To Win Lottery

If winning a jackpot is in your destiny how can you miss that? Trying hard and going for the push is the only option. There is no need to succumb to the external pressure. You need a sustainable solution to your problem.

What can be that sustainable solution? Would it be effective? Can you win the lottery by opting for the answer? These questions might be bothering you at the moment.

Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot is the answer to all your questions. Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot is a holy and pious method. By performing Islamic prayer to win a lottery jackpot, you can get the support of positive forces.

Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot is a Quranic solution. Performing Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot can bring you instant results. The Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot works holistically to remove all the obstacles in the path.

With full faith and commitment towards the prayer, you can get desired results. Make sure you follow the process strictly. The process is key to the prayer. If you are performing dua for the first time take consultation.

win lottery spiritual help

Consultation can be taken from astrologers and Imam (Priest) of the masjid. Telephonic meeting from the astrologer can also be sought. Taking discussion from an astrologer, Imam, or some experienced person would be helpful.

As a result of the consultation, you would be able to perform the prayer effectively. The more effectively you perform the prayer, the earlier you would see the results. So, don’t hesitate to consult the professionals.

Prayer to help win the lottery

Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot is a sure shot solution for your problem. Moreover, the general mechanism of the prayer helps you to win the lottery. The prayer being a holy method entices positive energy.

The prayer takes your message to the Almighty (Allah). With God’s grace, you can defeat any obstacle in the path. Above all the mechanism of prayer is simple yet effective. The Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot works by:

Powerful Wazifa To Win Lottery

  • Correcting your planetary movement
  • Nullifying the effect of negative energy
  • Doing away the scope of cheating from the lottery
  • Bringing prosperity to the purpose
  • According to you with the blessings from almighty
  • With such a wholesome mechanism the prayer ensures all the negativity is removed. If you are looking to use jackpot money for some illegal purpose, then the prayer would not work.

Moreover, prayer would also be ineffective if you are looking to use jackpot money for evil deeds. Therefore pure and genuine intentions are a must to perform the prayer. Without purity of heart and mind, the prayer would be futile.

The process of the Prayer

The process of performing prayer is straightforward. Even if you are showing it the first time, you can get it quickly. The process lays focus primarily on your faith. Maintain trust during the entire process.

The process and procedure to perform Islamic prayer to win lottery jackpot are as follows:

  • In the first place perform Wudu (Cleansing Yourself)
  • Afterward, Wear neat and tidy clothes
  • Perform the Namaz of Isha (Evening)
  • Now, read Surah Bakra from Holy Quran
  • Now recite the dua:
  • “Inna Allah yusmiuo maanyashao”
  • Recite this dua for five times
  • Pray to Allah for winning while reciting
  • Repeat the process for seven days without a miss
  • Wazifa for lottery
  • Take a piece of paper
  • Write on it your wish of winning
  • Take rose water
  • Add the drops of rose water on the paper
  • Recite the wazifa:
  • “Subhaan Allah Waabi Handehi Subhaan Allahila Azeem Astaagh firrullah”
  • Recite this for a total of 121 times
  • While recitation give a blow on the paper
  • Give a total of 29 bumps on the paper
  • In the meanwhile Make a roll of the paper and keep it at the place where you save the money
  • Again recite the wazifa for 151 times
  • Now, use the funds (held close to the article) to buy a lottery ticket
  • Finally the material in your pocket while buying the lottery ticket
  • Perform this Wazifa on Friday night

As a result of performing the prayer, you would crack the jackpot and would win big. Just have faith in yourself and play the prayer accordingly.