Wazifa for Marriage in 21 Days Update 2023

Wazifa for Marriage in 21 Days

Marrying the love of your life is the dream and desire of many people. However, it is still difficult in today’s world to marry the one you love without facing any objection. But we have you covered through this wazifa for marriage in 21 days. This wazifa will help you to boost up your marriage process and remove the problems from the path of your marriage.

If you want to marry the love of your life and are facing objections from your parents and society for your marriage, please read this wazifa for marriage in 3 days. This is the most effective wazifa to help accelerate the marriage process. Sometimes things around the marriage get heated up and marrying sooner is the only way to protect it from further harm. Use this wazifa for marriage in 3 days to speed up your marriage process:

  • Make fresh ablution.
  • Now recite Durood E Sharif 11 times.
  • After this recite, “ya Lateefu” 800 times with honor.
  • Now, pray for your marriage with the person you love and visualize their face.
  • Recite surah yasin in the end.

Wazifa For Marrige in 3 Days

Inshallah, your marriage process will become trouble-free and you will start getting the results of it very soon. Inshallah, you will see that your parents will get easily convinced about the marriage and your nikah will take place soon. This wazifa for marriage in 21 days is the most effective wazifa for marriage if performed with faith and honor.

If you are facing troubles in finding a suitable partner for your marriage but are not able to find any, you can use this wazifa for marriage in 21 days. This wazifa will attract suitable marriage partners for you and you will also get married in the given time. This wazifa for marriage soon is highly recommended for the people who are worried about their increasing age and not getting any marriage proposals:

اَللّٰهُمَّ اِنِّيْ اُرِيْدُ اَنْ اَتَزَوَّجَ فَقَدِّرْ لِيْ مِنَ النِّسَآءِ اَعْفِهُنَّ فَرْجًا وَ احْفَظِهُنَّ لِيْ فِيْ نَفْسِهَا وَ اَوْسِعْهُنَّ لِيْ رِزْقًا وَاَعْظَمِهُنَّ لِيْ بَرَكَةً فِيْ نَفْسِهَا وَ مَا لِيْ فَقَدِّرْ لِيْ مِنْهَا وَلَدًا طَيِّبًا تَجْعَلُهٗ خَلَفًا صَالِحًا فِيْ حَيَاتِيْ وَ بَعْدَمَوْتِي

Allahumma Innee Urreedu An Atazawwaja Faqaddir Lee Minan Nisaa-I Afihunna Farjajan wa Ah fadhihunna Lee Fee Nafsihaa Wa Awsa-i-Hunna Lee Rizwan Wa A-dhamahunna Lee Barakatan Fee Nafsihaa Wa Maaleee Faqaddir Lee Minhaa Waladan Tayyiban Tajaluhoo Khalafan Saalihan Fee Hayaatee Wa Ba`da Mawtee

Wazifa For Marriage Soon

This wazifa for marriage in 21 days is very effective in getting the problems resolved from the path of marriage. You should recite this wazifa for marriage soon 201 times for 21 days.

Note: women are not supposed to read the wazifa for marriage soon during menses.

To get more information on the procedure and the ritual to perform the wazifa for marriage soon in 21 days, contact our molvi Ji on the given numbers. You can leave your questions in the comments section to be answered by our experts.

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