Dua to make someone love you

In Islam, loving someone or create the feeling of love in the heart of someone is not Haram. But it’s not Haram until you have other intentions and if your intention is good like to get married to that someone. Then Islam will give you the full shoot to get married whom you love so much. But if you think that someone doesn’t know anything about you, then you have to confess your feeling in front of him or her.

You can also confess your feeling with the help of dua to make someone miss you. Recite the dua with a clean heart and your heart has a purity of everything. So, if you love someone and want to get married to that person and also want to convince your parents or family. Then it’s not a sin until you have other feelings or expectations like someone’s money, bank balance, etc. So, if you don’t want to do a time pass with that someone, then take help from the dua, taweez, vashikaran, etc.

The Dua can be used to break an engagement if your lover is forced to marry someone by family. After reading Iqra’s for love marriage, you can marry your beloved.

Dua to make someone mad in love with you?

Here is The process for Dua to make someone mad in love with you –

  • Recite DUROOD-E-INAAM 11 times.
  • Then Open Chapter No.23 in Quran.
  • Recite Surah Al-Mu’minun (1-5) Five Times.
  • At last, Make Dua to Allah to make that desired person mad in love with you.

Do this Ritual for one week. If you want a quick result, then contact our Molana ji.

Wazifa to make someone crazy in love

In this universe, one thing is common, that is love. Some couples are in love with someone. We can say it is one-sided, or maybe it is both-sided. So we also Provide Wazifa For One Sided Love.

Most Powerful dua to make someone fall in love with you?

And yes, you can make someone love you. It is just that love-the idea of it -is not .what keeps people together. People do not love each other at the same time all the time.

Note This – Take that desired person photo in your hands when you perform this dua.

  • First Read Durood Shareef eleven times.
  • Then Recite “Allahu Samad “1000 times.
  • Now Recite “Bismillahir- Rahmaanir- Raheem” 100 times.
  • Finally, Recite Surah Ya-sin Verse (15) Five times.

Do this Ritual for one Month if you won’t make that desired person fall in love with you. If you want an immediate result, you should contact our Molana ji.

Wazifa to Win Back Someone Love.

It’s the best Dua to make someone mad in love with you. We all know that from early times, many people take the help of the wazifa to make someone fall in love with you.

If you want to make someone crazy in love with you, Then follow these steps-

  • First Recite “la ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah” 100 times.
  • Then Recite this Wazifa “Wa La Qad Fatanna Sulaimana Wa Alkaina” 100 times.
  • Finally, Pray To Almighty Allah to make that Desired person crazy in love with you.

Do this Ritual for one Month. Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you is very powerful and makes things work in your favor quickly. With the help of wazifa to make someone mad in love with you, your lover gets separated from you due to the problems growing in your personal life.

Most Powerful Wazifa to make someone mad in love with you

Anyone either a boy, girl, husband, wife, man, woman, etc. can perform that below wazifa:

  • Take a shower and if you think you are paak, then you only do wudu.
  • But if you think you are not paak then go to Washroom, take a shower, and wear neat and clean clothes and also clean your heart.
  • Perform all the 5 Salah in a day according to their times.
  • You have to perform this most powerful wazifa continuously in 21 days after any Salah.
  • Now, sit in alone and recite Darood Shareef 11 times continuously and then, chant Allah Hu Samad 1000 times”.
  • Again, recite 11 times Darood Shareef.

Recite below Dua:
Minall Abdidhh – dhalil IIall Mawlall Jalii

Quranic Dua to make Someone Fall in love

In this post, we will discuss how our Quranic dua to make someone fall in love works? It feels great to love by the person whom you love, but if the other person does not have feelings for you, it will break your heart.

With the times the bond of love becomes stronger, and their love grows. If a man loves a woman, he should ask her for nikah. Is that person does not love you then you must not force yourself on him/her and must not do any Shirk. If you want to create love in someone’s heart, you should recite Salat-ul-Hajat and offer tahajud for Qurani dua of love.

You must have believed in Quranic dua or wazifa. You can recite this dua in Quran-e-Pak to make someone fall in love with you. But there are some conditions to make that Dua.

  • You must perform Nikah Istikhara before doing that Dua. This Dua is for marriage purpose, and it has a positive outcome.
  • You must not recite this Dua to harm someone, and you must believe in Allah (SWT) for every decision.
  • The person for whom you are doing this Dua should be pious and religious.
  • You can also recite this Dua for creating love between husband and wife.
  • The procedure of offering this Dua is mentioned below

“Ya Haqqi La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kunto Minazzalameena. Ya Sayyidal Kareemi Bi’hurmatee Bismillahir Ra’hmaan Nirra’heem. Amman-Yujeebu-Al Mudtarra Izaa Da-“Aahu Inna Kafeenaakal Mustahzi-Oon. Ya ‘Hayyu Ya Qayyumu Bira’hmatika Astagheesu. Allahumma Sahhil Wa-Yassir Rabbi La Tazar Nee Fardan-Wa-Anta Khair-Ul-Wareseena. ‘Hasbi ‘An Soo Aa Lee ‘Ilmuka Bi’haali Subhanal Qaaheril Qaadeeril Kaafi.”

After the obligatory prayer of the night, sit on clean and image the person for whom you are offering this Dua. Recite duroos Shareef 11 times and then recite above mentioned Dua 141 times. Again recite Durood Shareef 11 times and make Dua about your objective.