Wazifa and Dua For Parents Happiness

Today people are not running after money and fame. They are running after happiness, peace of mind and mental satisfaction. Everyone wants to be content and happy in life. However, because of our acts, happiness has evaporated from our lives. If you really want to be happy in your life, then you should do good deeds and live your life on the footsteps and sunnah of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallal Laaho Alaihi Wa Sallam. And along with this, also make dua for Parents happiness to attract good things and happiness in your life. The dua will bring peace of mind to you.

Dua for parents Long Life

Here we are providing you the most powerful and best Islamic Dua for parents long life, health, and happiness. Before knowing these powerful and best Islamic Dua, first, you will have to pray all the Supplications or Namaz.

Recite these Dua when you are making the Dua after offering all the Supplications as well as the Salah.

Dua for parents health

Here is the first dua and you have to perform that dua after praying any Salah. You can also recite any one of the dua because all the duas are taken from the Quran, so don’t worry about anything.

“Rabbii Arhamhumaa Kama Rabba Yanii Sageerann”

Dua no. 2: Dua for parents health and long life

“Allahumma Agfirlii Zunubii Wali Wali Dyyaa Warhamm Huma Kamaa Rabbaa Yaanii Sageerann”

Dua no. 3: Dua for parents happiness and health

“Rabbanagfirlii Wali Wali Dayya Walil Muumineena Yauma Yaqumull Hisaab”

You have to recite any one of the dua after praying the Salah. If you think you are not getting any benefit from such dua for parents good health and long life. Then at that time, don’t feel bad, you also have to take help from the wazifa for parents long life as well as from our Molvi Ji.

Our Molvi Ji will make a dua for health of parents on their own selves. He has taken this dua from the Quran and that’s why there are also lots of people who just want to know dua for parents health and long life in Quran.

So, all the above dua are only for them. After making dua, In Sha Allah, with the help of the almighty Allah, you will get your parent’s long life and your parents will also get good health. Call or do a message to our Molvi Ji and Inshallah, he will also help you. Our Molvi Ji will also help those peoples who are looking for dua for parents health and long life quotes.

Dua for Husband Happiness

If you are really troubled and you feel anxious and depressed about everything in your life, then dua for happiness will end all your miseries. It will pave the way for a better and happy life. Along with it, you should also pray for the happiness of your parents. Your parents dedicate a major portion of their life to you. And in return you can do the least is make dua for parents happiness. The dua will give your parents happiness from the inside. It will wipe out all the tension and problems in their life.

Dua for Husband Happiness

If your husband is really tensed these days because of work pressure, then you should make dua for husband happy too. The dua will help in bringing comfort to your husband. It will ease his worries and give him a better thinking experience. It will channelize his energy in the right direction and he will never be worried about anything. The dua for husband happiness will make your husband live a stress-free life. It will not let any problem affect him. So, make dua for husband happiness to bring peace, happiness, and comfort in his life.

Dua for Happiness in IslamIf you think that your life is full of problems and issues, then dua for happiness will heal your mind and heart. It will give you inner calmness and make you live your life on the righteous path of Islam. You can get the dua for parent’s happiness from our molvi sb. He will direct you to the right guidelines for it. If you are really depressed and worried about your future or earnings, then don’t worry. Allah Talah has written your fat and surely you will get what’s yours! Have firm faith in the doings of Allah Talah and wait patiently.

Dua for Happiness in Islam – Dua for happiness is given below as:-

Rabbana Wala Tahmil Alaina Israan Kama Hamal Tahu Alal Lazeena Min Kablina Rabbana Wala Tuhammilna La Taqata Lana Bihi Wa Fu Anna Wagfir Lna War Hamna Anta Maulana Fansurna Alal Kaumil Kafireen

Recite this dua 7 times daily and blow on your hands. Then rub your hands on your chest and heart. Within 21 days, you will feel a difference in your mind, heart and thinking manner. Things will Insha Allah be fine and you will never face any problem in your life anymore and even if you do, it will never make you anxious. But you will know how to resolve them easily.

Dua For Parents Happiness

A person is only happy and content if the people around him/ her are happy. If your family is not happy then you can never be happy. So, it is important to make dua for happiness in family and Insha Allah, the smile of your family members will be maintained by Allah Miyan. Your dua can change anything. Even the worst situations can be changed with the right dua. So, keep making dua with hope and faith, and Insha Allah, you will get results in your favor in no time.

Allah talah always listens to the prayers of those who make dua for the others first. Make dua for happiness and success of your dear ones and Insha Allah, you will get successful too. You can find out the details of the dua from our molvi sahib. He will give you all the help you need in this regard. If you have any miserable condition to deal with which is restricting your happiness and success then make dua accordingly and Allah Miyan will restore your condition. Allah Talah never burdens a soul more than he can bear. So, do not worry, if your present condition is getting worse. Things will change, just keep making dua with faith and devotion!

Dua For Happiness and Success

“Allah Hummaj Alisa Adata Tag Muruna Tunsina Ma Abkana wama Ahzanana”

The dua should be recited three times after every obligatory prayer of the day and then you should blow all over yourself.
Insha Allah, your day will start with good things and end with good things. No bad thing will get attracted to you and satan will never trouble you.
Make sure you do good deeds and never hurt anyone. Remember whatever you do comes back to you. So, always be good and happiness will come to you.