Are you amongst those sisters who husband behaves irrationally and doesn’t listen to you? Does your husband behaves badly with you and doesn’t give you proper love and care? Do not lose hope. If you have come to use get support in this regard, then you are at the right place. We know what it is like to face the anger and wrath of the husband, thus we provide you with the best dua for controlling husband. With the help of this dua, you will be able to gain control over your husband.

Yes, Insha Allah, your husband will start listening to you and behave normally with you. There are times when husbands are very short tempered and often lose their cool on their wives. If your husband does the same with you, then dua for controlling husband will help you manage his anger levels. With the grace of Allah SubhanaWa’ Tala, very soon you will gain the love, affection and loyalty of your husband. He will start respecting you and never be rude or arrogant towards you.

The bad behaviour of a husband creates insecurity and sourness in the heart of a wife and leads to an unhappy married life. However, dua for controlling husband can save your relationship. You can acquire the dua for controlling husband anger from our Molana Ji. He will guide you with the best possible remedy and things will become fine for you. Do not worry, if your husband beats you or shouts at you. Just have faith in dua for controlling husband anger and recite with complete dedication and devotion. Very soon you will get desirable results.

If you feel that your husband isn’t loyal towards you and that he has a flirtatious nature and is interested in other women, then you should immediately practice powerful dua to control husband. The dua will make your husband withdraw all these habits. He will no longer be interested in any other women and become loyal to you. It will help you earn the real love of your husband in this lifetime. If your husband has the bad habit of drinking, gambling or drugs, then only Allah Talah can make him stop it. Recite powerful dua to control husband and plead in front of the Almighty to make your husband give up these bad habits. Insha Allah, very soon your husband will get out of this mess.

Dua for controlling husband anger is mentioned below:

  • Recite this dua on Sunday between the time of Maghrib and Isha.
  • Keep 7 roses in front of you.
  • Recite this below-given dua 7 times on every flower.
  • Allah HummaTahisaAlaiyaAbsaraZalimatihiWalMurideenaBisSuiyiWa An TasrefaKulubuhum An Sharri Ma YazmirunahuIlaKhairi La YamlikuhuGairika
  • Perform this dua for three nights continuously and pray for your husband to change and to love you.
  • Insha Allah, in just three days you will feel the difference in his behavior and everything will be fine between you two.
  • He will start loving you, respecting you and caring for you.

If you need any type of help and Guidance talks to us without any hesitation. In Sha Allah we will solve your problem.

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