Amal is a special prayer made for a special purpose in life. Marriage is one of the biggest decisions in the life. To get married, people make a lot of efforts. The amal for marriage is the best remedy that can help any person in the phase of marriage. This powerful amal for getting married is a tried and tested remedy that helps people in getting married to the right person at the right time in life.

As soon as two people get married, they should perform the amal for marriage. This amal is a great way to give an auspicious start to a marriage. A marriage is a commitment of a lifetime that should never be taken lightly. The amal for a happy marriage is the best way for a couple to ask Allah to always bless the marriage of the couple who performs it together.

The amal for happy marriage will help a person and his or her spouse to begin new life with the blessings of Allah. This amal is performed to seek blessings from Allah. This amal is used to get a blessing blessed for the lifetime. It keeps away all the negative energies or negative people from ruining the happiness of the marital life of any couple.

Let us now tell you how to perform the amal for a happy marriage:

  • Sit on the prayer mat after performing wuzu.
  • Perform the routine of the Ishaa namaz,
  • After the namaz, begin reciting Darood Shareef for 11 times.
  • Then read Surah Qafiran, surah Ikhlas and Ayat-al-Kursi one time each.
  • At last, read Darood Shareef for 11 more times
  • Don’t forget to ask Allah to bless your married life with love and happiness.

Amal For Love Marriage

Making the dream of a love marriage come true is not easy at all. Any person who has had a love marriage will tell you that it is definitely not easy to get married to the person you love. Making everyone from the parents and the family agree for your love marriage can be a hectic and slow process. But to get the desired results from this difficult process, people use the amal for love marriage.

amal for happy marriageWhile we all know that having a love marriage is not easy, some people do get their wish fulfilled in a very short time. But people after the love marriage too, couples might begin to face conflicts in their married life. The people who love each other might not be able to keep up with each other in their married life. We have all seen that many love marriage come to an end in a very short time. So, to keep your love marriage protected the amal for love marriage is the best remedy.

Any couple who is struggling to keep their marriage healthy should take the help of the amal for love in marriage. The process of performing this amal is written below:

  • This amal can be performed on any day of the week at any time.
  • Perform ablution and sit on your prayer mat to begin this prayer.
  • Begin reciting Darood Shareef for eleven times.
  • Begin chanting the 99 beautiful names of Allah the almighty.
  • After that, chant “Yaa Latifuu” for at least 700 times.
  • At the last step of this process, recite Darood Shareef for eleven more times.

Powerful Amal For Love Marriage

Any person who wants to get married to their lover as soon as possible would want to know any remedy that can help them. Many people get in contact with Islamic scholars to fulfill this wish. There are some scholars like our Maulvi Sahab who helps people for their problems genuinely. But there are also some frauds that can exploit such people. To avoid getting in touch with the wrong people, you have to perform the powerful amal for love marriage.

Any person who wants to convince their parents and family for having a love marriage, there are Quranic remedies for this purpose. The powerful amal for love marriage is the best remedy for getting the wish of marrying your true lover come true. Both men and women can perform this dua to get married to their loving partner as soon as possible.

Let us now tell you how to perform the powerful amal for a love marriage for best results:

  • Firstly, you should always perform all the daily namaz.
  • After the Isha namaz, begin the process of this amal.
  • Start reading 11 times Darood Shareef right after the namaz.
  • Before beginning the recitations of the Darood Shareef, you have to begin thinking of your lover.
  • Then start reciting 1111 times “Yaa Waduduu Yaa Lateefuu”.
  • After this, again complete 11 recitations of the Darood Shareef.
  • Perform this Wazifa for 41 days continuously to get your wish of love marriage fulfilled.

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