which Wazifa to make him marry you in 3 Days Update 2023

It is every girl’s dream to get married to her prince charming. Wazifa or Dua to convince boy for marriage As a little girl, we all dream of marrying the man who will keep us happy and protected. As an adult or a young adult, perhaps you have found that prince charming but things aren’t going as well as you thought. Well, life is not without its challenges. Mannat for love marriage This applies to love life as well.

If you’re a girl who is finding herself attracted to a boy but due to some reason, you are not able to get married to him, then you have come to the right place.

You should not give up on love so easily. You must continue to fight for it. Wazifa or Dua to convince boy for marriage But, what can you do? Well, you can seek the help of Islam and Islamic Wazifas. In this post, we will tell you about a powerful Wazifa that will help you convince the boy you love for marriage.

How to Perform this Wazifa?

First of all, make sure you have performed your daily namaz.

Now create fresh ablution or wudu once again
Now grab a glass of water and place in front of you
On a piece of paper write down the name of the boy you love 7 times
Fold it and place it under the glass
Now recite this Wazifa 453 times “zaa la raa tey Allah Bismillah Turk amen walaa dul Raheem karameen”
Take a verse of Surah and recite it 5 times
Finish it with reciting of durood Shareef 6 Martaba
Take the glass of water and slowly sip it in the memory of Allah Tallah
Grab that piece of paper and place it underneath your pillow and sleep on it
Do this regularly for 3 weeks to see the results.
Make sure to perform obligatory namaz at least 3 times a day

Why women have trouble getting married

Wazifa to convince someone for marriage: Do you feel emotion for someone? or anyone who doesn’t know your feelings and doesn’t worry about you? You now want to build the feelings in the heart of someone you want to persuade or convince. If you have issues, don’t take any stress and contact our maulana Ji to seek help.

First of all, all 5 names should be prayed every day.
Then you should wake up in the middle of the night and do the absolution.
You should even take a bath or a shower if you have time.
Afterward, all raqats of Tahajjud’s namaz have to be prayed.
When you finish the namaz, you have to sit now in that masala, or where you spend the namaz.
Open the Quran box now, read the Sura and make a duo for the child.
In Sha Allah, Almighty Allah will help send this kid or girl to you and make the heart feel the child or girl.
Dua to convince in-laws for love marriage
A lot of women go through this phase in life where they are not able to get married without hiccups. Wazifa or Dua to convince boy for marriage This is particularly true in the case of love marriage. Or maybe you love someone but that boy doesn’t love you back.

In that case, you need to generate feelings of love in his heart for you. But, that same won’t be possible unless you have complete faith in yourself and in the powers of love. Wazifa for desired marriage Sometimes the reason you are not able to convince the boy you love could be due to some energy blockages in your aura.

Dua to convince boy for marriage

Or maybe you just need the luck to favor you a little. Perhaps the boy is scared of his family and fear that his family won’t approve of his choice of partner. In any case – it is very much possible to move past the hurdles in your way and win the love of your life.

Wazifa in Islam to get married to the man I love

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Perhaps you are dealing with love related issues or maybe you are experiencing some other kind of crisis. Wazifa or Dua to convince boy for marriage Perhaps they happen to be financial. Maybe they are family-related. It could be some chronic illness or difficulty getting success in your profession. Regardless of the trouble, you are facing, we are here to help you.

Just visit our contact us page, pick the phone and reach us. We will connect you to our Molvi Ji who will offer you the best dua/Wazifa to overcome your hurdles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you convince someone to marry you?
It doesn’t matter you’re a girl or a guy, so if you sound real to anyone, you should use the Wazifa to convince a lover. Everyone should pursue this Wazifa, and all should benefit. You will quickly build love or feeling in your heart if you want to reassure lovers of marriage by using this Wazifa.

Is there a Dua to make someone love you?
Yes, there is an Islamic Wazifa or Dua to convince the boy to marriage which you can follow to convince someone to love you. You may also request Maulana Ji for suggestions about how to practice the Dua. Love is a lovely sense everyone in their lives can feel. Pray to Allah so he can bless you with lots of love and happiness.

Can Dua change the destiny of marriage?
Yes, Dua, to convince a boy for marriage can change your life. Dua has the power to convince someone to love you unconditionally. Pray to Allah so your lover can marry you and follow the Dua Dua to convince the boy for marriage.

Is it haram to do Wazifa for love marriage?
Wazifa that may help marry a man or woman is usually totally prohibited in Islam. Wazifa is incredibly effective for love marriage and will assist you with having your lover matched whenever possible. You’re not going to marry the outsider nowadays. Then again, you can be highly impressed with a man.

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