which Dua To Heal a Broken Heart

Life is a journey with lots of beautiful memories and experiences. We live, we lead our lives, and we die. Sometimes our heartbreaks, that time is a sorrowful time of our life. In this article, we are sharing the best dua to heal a broken heart. Life moves on happily if everything goes well, but life becomes miserable if anything is wrong. For everyone, life is not the same; it differs from every person.

Life consists of many experiences. Each experience teaches a lesson. Experiences shape the personality of people. Life includes happiness and sorrow. Those are called ups and downs. Without them, life is not that good, and we cannot enjoy every moment of life.

Life seems to be so beautiful only if experience includes both ups and downs. Due to those downs, we will meet heartbreaks and heartaches, sometimes so severe, which leads to death. punishment for breaking heart in Islam.

Best Dua to heal a broken heart

Heartbreak is an inevitable part of human life, and it is the most challenging thing to deal with. If there is a wound in the body, it is healed by the medicines, but it cannot be cured that easily if there is a wound in the heart.

The heartbreaks may cause separation from family, death of our family members, betrayal from the loved ones, love failures, loss of money, failure in business and studies, rejection in the interview, etc. But Don’t Worry Because Dua To Heal a Broken Heart Helps You Everyone gives us a few suggestions to move on in life, but it is very hard.

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The heartbreak feeling is so painful we cannot imagine the pain. Moreover, the memories kill the people whose heart was broken due to various acts. Some introverts kill themselves without sharing their feelings with someone. So try to be more expressive and share your sense with your loved ones.

Dua To Heal a Broken Heart

It is effortless to advise someone to forget the sad memories which led to their heartbreak, but it is tough to practice for the person whose heart was broken. In that case, you take the help of your family. Share your pain and the reason behind that pain with your brothers and sisters otherwise with your relatives.

Dua to remove sadness from heart

They always try to see you happy. If you cannot share those emotions with your family members, then share it with your friend. If no one is there for you to share those feelings, then do not despair. When there is nothing else, then there is hope and comes to you when you share those feelings with the god Allah. We have also hadith on mending a broken heart

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Allah loves us more than our mothers. Allah is the creator of this world. He knows everything. He will help you when you are facing difficulties. He would forgive you if you made a mistake. He thinks of you as his child and allows you to get out of that pain. For that, you should recite the dua to heal a broken heart.

Is dua can heal a broken heart?

Yes. It is suggested in the holy book Quran. Reciting dua is the easiest and the best path for you to get out of that pain. Connect your heart with Allah and offer your prayers. The best dua to heal a broken heart is to remember Allah in your full capacity.

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Before any dua, I want to tell you some essential tips to heal a broken heart.

how to heal a broken heart in Islam

Try hard to remove those memories from your heart by involving in some useful works like writing poem, painting, going on a long trip, spending time with your friends and family, reading the inspiring books

Try to learn something new in your interested domains, and enrich your knowledge and ensure that you have a great potential on that topics. Increase your working experiences.

Try to learn a lesson from your past, which pushed you in this situation. It would help if you thought about the rightness of your deeds.
You can also make some healthy changes for a speedy recovery. Some activities like meditation, yoga, etc. help improve your life. It would help if you learned to turn your failure into a success. You should make yourself strong enough to find the odds that come in the form of a broken heart.
Self- confidence is essential to come out from that pat pain. Take the help of God Allah when you feel uneasy. Allah will make your life happy. Believe in God and lead a positive experience. Control your emotions and be cautious so that you can rebuild your life and feelings.
Some Powerful Dua for emotional healing

This is the best dua to heal a broken heart.
Recite this the dua after isha prayer.
“YaaHayyuyaaQayyoom, bi Rahmatikaastagheeth”
Perform this dua after the namaz of Isha.
“YaHayyuYa Qayyum, Astagfirullah

Dua To Heal a Broken Heart

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which dua is helpful to get over a broken heart?

Ans. Undoubtedly, this is the best dua to heal a broken heart, helping to get over that pain. It was suggested in the holy book Quran. Quran is more powerful, and the duas in the Quran gives the best results.

Q.2 Who can perform this dua?

Ans. Persons whose heart was broken due to various reasons like love failures, failure in exams, rejection in the job, etc.

Q.3 Is this Dua can remove sadness from the heart?

Ans. Yes, It’s best dua to remove sadness from the heart.

Q.4 How many times can heartbroken persons perform this dua?

Ans. You can perform as many times as you can when you feel pain; definitely, that gives the best results to a heartbreak person.

Q.5 Does a broken heart ever heal?

Ans. Why not? With the help of family members and friends, a broken heart will heal. If no one is there, Allah is there for you. He looks after you. Indeed you will find a way to heal your broken heart when you offer prayers to Allah.

Q.6 How long will it take to heal the broken heart?

Ans. It depends on your emotions and feelings. It is different for every person. For some people, the result is fast. For some others, it takes some time.

Q.7 If I recite this dua, will Allah listen to my problem?

Ans. He knows the reason behind everything. He is always by your side when you are in sorrow. He listens to your prayers and helps you to get out of that pain.