Wazifa for husband love and respect

The love between a man and a wife is unlike any other love Wazifa for husband wife love. This is the kind of love that is supposed to last a lifetime. Therefore, it goes without saying that you need to invest in this relationship more than any other if you truly want things to work for years ahead. However, most people start taking things for granted once a couple of months or years post marriage have passed. powerful wazifa for husband love in urdu You begin to notice a lack of spark in the relationship. There’s just not that energy anymore which used to once keep things alive and interesting.

Working Wazifa for husband wife love

If you can relate to this scenario, and want to reclaim your love with your husband or wife back, Wazifa for husband wife love then you need to resort to Islamic dua and wazifa. Educate yourself on how to perform these duas and bring them into amal. When you perform these duas with all your heart and might, both the husband and the wife will begin to notice a shift in energy around them. wazifa for husband attraction Do you want to the dua for bringing that love back? If yes, then here’s how you can perform it.

Dua that strengthens husband-wife love

On the night of Thursday, cut the bark of Ashoka tree and put in a glass of water overnight.
The next day, keep that glass of water in front of you
While the glass is sitting there, perform a namaaz
Take a verse from Surah and repeat it at least 13 times
Now repeat “Ya Wadoodo” 50 times
Once again repeat that verse 3 times. Make sure husband and wife drinks that glass of water
Repeat this process for at least a month

Surah kausar for husband love

Why perform this dua The first step to repair things that are starting to get rusty is to take note of the problem and admit that there is actually a problem. Sometimes the husband wife relationship goes sour but either party is not willing to admit that something is wrong in their relationship. Wazifa for husband wife love If you have recognized that, then congratulations! Half the job is already done.

Powerful Wazifa for husband wife love

The next step is to do the needful and that begins with educating yourself with the dos and don’ts of ensuring a beautiful relationship. To that end, you must talk with a good molvi ji. dua for husband love in urdu These are experts in these matters as they have already handled hundreds of such cases in the past. Their advice will be the most precious thing you can hold onto in life.

Heed their advice and bring it into practicality and your relationship will never go south. You will stay madly in love with each other for years to come.

When to perform this dua for husband wife love

There is no ‘right’ time as to when you should start performing this dua. The moment you realize that your love has begun to fade away, that should be a sign that now is the time to seek the help of a molvi ji. If you two are constantly bickering without any solid reason and are always looking for reasons to fight, then it’s time to perform this dua regularly and religiously.

Even if one of the parties have realized their mistakes, that’s more than enough. If either husband or wife decides to take corrective measures, the relationship is bound to blossom and bloom in the light of love.


Marriage is a sacred concept. But every marriage has its challenges. Sometimes it gets difficult to maintain the love in marriage due to many problems like a third person entering your space, financial problems, lose of interest, etc. Wazifa can be used positively to make your husband fall in love with you and solve many martial-related issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which surah is good for husband and wife?
Surah Yashin is a suitable surah for the love of husband and wife. Start by reciting this surah. following the recitation blow your breath on seven almonds and give them to your husband to eat. You will see the change and the husband will start loving the wife more.

Q2. What is the dua for husband love?
Pray and recite darood shareef and make the dua written below- “Wa Minn Ayatihee Ann Khalaka Lakumminn Anfusikum Azwa Jallitaskunuu Ilaihaa Waja Aalaa Baina Kumma Wadda Tauva Rahma. Inna Fi Zalika La Ayatilli Qaumiyya Tafaqarun.” Is the dua which will give you husband love

Q3. How can I gain my husband’s love in islam?
There are many Islamic principles to gain your husband’s love, some of these include – praise for your husband, pray for him, cook for him, always extend your support, be affectionate, love him, etc

Q4. How can I increase love in my husband heart?
Start reading the wazifa after maghrib namaz, start by putting a photograph of him in front of you while reciting. Additionally, also imagine his face while making this dua. Read durood sharif for five times. then read Allah Subhan wa taala ya wadudo for 500 times and then end by reading durood sharif five more times. Pray with a pure heart and always keep your husband in your prayers. Do this for seven days and you will definitely feel the change in ways your husband approaches you in your daily life.