Wazifa for childless couples Update 2023

There are certain key moments in life. Some of those are graduating, getting married, falling in love, and having kids. Dua or Wazifa for Childless Couple While most people are able to achieve most of these milestones, some less fortunate ones are not able to get pregnant. Dua for child The joy of having a child in your house is something out of this world. Only a few lucky ones are able to experience that joy which is unlike anything else in this world.

If you have been trying for a long time now to get pregnant but haven’t been able to yet despite trying the best, then it might be time to resort to Islam. Some people might be skeptical about how Islam and Q’uran can help you get pregnant. Surah Imran for conceiving Well, this post will shed some light on it. Would you like to know what kind of Wazifa can help you attain pregnancy? If yes, then read this till the end

How to perform this Wazifa

First of all, clean yourself or as they call in Islam, perform wudu.
After that sit in the posture of prayer or namaaz
Recite Surah 21 times
Experts say that starting this Wazifa on a Thursday will reap the quickest and greatest benefits
After Surah, repeat this mantra 563 times “duwuj laakey tings rahoos fistaney marionet paso al perez je ne quoi”
It is also advised that you perform this after maghrib sometime in the evening
Do this until you are able to get pregnant.

Everyone deserves to have children

A marriage without kids is an incomplete one. Everyone knows that. Without children running around your house, everything can seem meaningless and void. Dua or Wazifa for Childless Couple That is why to fill this void, you need to do everything you can in your capacity. To that end, start by making namaz a part of your everyday routine. Make sure to stay connected with Allah Tallah as much as you can.

On top of all this, it is highly recommended that you include fresh fruits and raw veggies in your diet coupled with herbs and healthy spices to expedite good health. Wazifa for infertility This is the recipe for wholesome health and wellness and the quickest way to make sure you can get pregnant trouble-free.

Dua or Wazifa for Childless Couple

Surah for having a baby

How does this dua work?

The way these dua works is by making sure that your body and mind are in perfect health. When your mind is at peace and feeling happy and healthy all the time, that will automatically have a positive effect on your hormones. Women’s chemistry is tricky. Women need to stay happy and healthy to protect and safeguard their fertility and female health. When you perform this dua every day, you basically function at your highest self as well as you connect with that Almighty also. You get to practice good health.

All these positive habits are bound to have amazing effects on your health and fertility. Dua or Wazifa for Childless Couple Before you know, you’ll start to experience all kinds of positive changes in your body. You’ll start glowing. And you’ll feel it in your heart that your pregnancy is getting closer and closer.

Surah for baby

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