Islamic dua or wazifa to forget someone you love Update 2023

Love is the force that drives you and keeps you motivated. Wazifa to forget someone you love Whether it’s the love between a parent and their child or the love between siblings. We all need it. Sometimes, the love between a couple can become a cause of trouble for either of the parties involved. dua to remove someone from your life What happens when one person chooses to walk out on another person?

The other person is left heartbroken and shattered. That’s clearly an awful way to live life. Are you finding it hard to get over someone? Do you want to forget someone you once loved and still miss? Then you need to perform this dua.

Islamic dua or wazifa to forget someone you love

Step by Step guide to performing this dua –
First create an ablution
Make sure you are clean and dry before you sit in prayer to perform this islamic dua
Now place a cup of water in front of you and recite ‘Ya illah Illalah” 400 times
Take a verse from Surah and recite it 11 times
Recite “Yakar Vakaar Zamil Al Imaam Shameen Omar Soleh” 200 times
Now perform your daily namaaz
After performing obligatory namaaz, make sure to drink that glass of water in the remember of Allah Tallah
Regularly practice this without any break for at least a month

Benefits of this performing this namaaz

You may be thinking, what’s the need for performing this namaaz. Isn’t it normal for people to remain brokenhearted for a certain period of time after a breakup. Islamic dua or wazifa to forget someone you love The truth is, once a person has walked out of your life, you need to immediately move on with life. powerful wazifa to forget someone The more time you spend mourning that loss, the more it will create a hole in life.

It will be like letting a mould infest inside your mind. It will start to affect all areas of your life. Wazifa to forget someone you love Some people often become bitter because they are not able to get over their loves one.

An important reason why you need to perform this dua is to simply improve the quality of your life. Also, it’s only when you let go of the past that you can make room for new and beautiful things in life. By letting go of old memories you can invite true love and commitment in life. You will not be hesitant of change but will welcome it with open arms.

Who can perform this dua

Whether you are a boy or a girl you can perform it. Age is not a constraint here. But, you need to have utter faith in the power of Dua. a skeptic mind will not be able to channelize the true potential of this dua. When you perform this dua with undying faith, you tap into the powers of the Universe. Islamic dua or wazifa to forget someone you love That, coupled with mercy and powers of Allah Tallah will do magic. You will find yourself slowly but surely moving on with your life. dua to forget bad memories You will also attract abundance, true love, and harmony in life.

Dua to forget something

Should you contact a Molvi Saab If you have any concerns or doubts, you can talk to our Molvi Saab. Islamic dua or wazifa to forget someone you love He will let know you to proceed with this Islamic dua and common mistakes to avoid. Sometimes, a lot of people feeling doubtful of whether or not they will perform this dua in the right manner or not. dua to remove someone from your heart Our molvi Saab will also guide you about such queries so you can rest assured and perform it with your heart and soul.

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