Blood Moons benefits in Islam

Solar and lunar eclipses and full moons are part of nature. Blood Moons benefits in Islam We all witness them every now and then. And, there’s no religion that doesn’t talk about eclipses and other such similar phenomena. Grahan in Islam While some religions will tell you to fear them, others have special meanings and significance about such celestial events.

However, what we’re talking about today is the blood moon. A blood moon is again a celestial event during which the moon appears particularly beautiful in the sense that it appears almost red or at the very least coppery in color.

Some find this sight almost eerie and ominous which is understandable.

Blood Moons benefits in Islam

However, for Muslims – eclipses and full moons hold a special significance and the Quran also has a lot to say about them. Blood Moons benefits in Islam Here’s what the Muslims believe about Blood Moons:

Well, traditionally you can expect any Muslim to offer special prayers during this particular day and event.

Earlier, there used to be a lot of fear and paranoia surrounding this particular celestial event. Blood Moons benefits in Islam Many felt that it was a precursor to some major calamity or doomsday. Most of that fear has subsided in the modern times. However, still, Muslims tend to follow a special ritual on this day.

Scripture-wise significance of blood Moons

If scriptures are to be believed, then it’s said that it was the day of a Blood Moon when our Prophet Mohammad’s son died. And because it was such a tragic event, its momentum caused the Sun to become dull which led to eclipses and eventually a blood moon

However, today, thanks to the astronomical studies – it became clear that Blood moons and other celestial events are not some random natural occurrences or nature’s unpredictable reactions to some kind of event. But, they are actually natural phenomenons that happen every so often like clockwork.

Eating during eclipse Islam

The Prophet was quoted that both the sun and the moon are the signs of Allah. They are not caused by the life of the death of anyone. Therefore, when you do happen to witness one such event, make sure to pray to Allah Tallah and stay connected with Him. Offer Him your prayers. All the devotees are asked to call upon that great Almighty and offer him prayers.

Blood Moons benefits in Islam

It is also important to mention that Blood Moons and all kinds of major celestial events are supposed to serve as reminders of what’s going to happen on the Day of Judgement or the Day of Resurrection. Blood Moons benefits in Islam This is supposed to remind us of the day when the world has ended and the sun is going to lose its light. It will be overthrown and the stars will fall. The moon will eclipse and both sun and moon will join each other thus depriving the earth as we know it of any light.

Different people may hold personal beliefs regarding this day. But, regardless of the nature of those beliefs, it is customary to offer prayers during an eclipse and blood moon. Each of these events consist of two cycles or Rakats. Each one will involve two prostrations and two bowings which is customary.

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