Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage Update 2023

Islamic has a solution for everything, including love related issues. Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage You can implement some powerful wazifas to make sure you get married to your soul mate. Bismillah wazifa for marriage But, if you cannot wait too long and need something powerful and super effective so that you can get hitched without any delay, then you need something much more potent. In your case, Bismillah Wazifa should be the way to go. This is basically an intensified version of regular dua. Do you want to get married quickly to someone you love? If yes, then read this post till the end.

The way to perform this wazifa is to essentially pray Bismillah 2000 times and 6 times consecutively.
Make sure to take a breather after you are done reciting it 2000 times.
During this break, you are supposed to pray 2 rakat nafal.
In total, you are supposed to pray Bismillah 12000 times
Since it’s going to take longer to complete, it’s much more effective, powerful, and intensive than any other dua or wazifa.

Powerul Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

All our desires are encapsulated by our hearts. It secretly guards them but there are some intense desires that knock on the heart’s door daily and in every moment. It is indeed a special desire for someone special for whom we feel that our heart has got lost.

We all have that one person in our lives with whom we can walk for miles without any pain, with whom we can share all of our emotions without any hesitations. But, unfortunately, all our wishes aren’t easily fulfilled but are stuck by various negative forces. In this scenario, we should pray for the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage.

It is not always necessary that the person whom we love the most is additionally loved and accepted by both of our families and relatives. In spite of being this, most of the time we are hanged in between a painful situation where we choose anyone and lose the other.

Our family is our eternal shield and our parents are the noble person who has sacrificed themselves to lift us at the position where we are and love us unconditionally. Hence the selection between parents and the lover isn’t an option.

If you want intensely to get rid of such a painful situation, then definitely you should pray for the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage.

Precautions to Perform Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

If you want to get the desired solution by praying the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage with all the purity of your heart, then definitely you should follow all the precautions at the time of reciting it –

Always remember that Wazifa is not something that can be praying for seeking the solutions for the whole of mankind as this is not included in the words of the Prophet. So you should enchant the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage only to get the solution of your problems related to love marriage.
You should always pray this Wazifa only after getting permission from the Molvi Ji
You should recite each and every word clearly with proper pronunciation by following all the steps properly by your heart.
If you pray for the Bismillah Wazifa For Love Marriage then definitely you will get the solution to your problems related to marriage with your dear one.

What to remember?
You need to perform this dua consistently for 3 days at the very least. Make sure to not skip even a day. Therefore, plan it accordingly so you don’t put any break. Also, make sure to perform this wazifa with your wholeheartedly. Do not do it just for the sake of doing it. Your intentions should be pure and your motives should be clear.

When to perform this wazifa

This wazifa is meant for times when you are running out of time. If you fear that your loved one is getting hitched somewhere else and you can no longer afford to wait it out, that’s when you should talk to a molvi saab about performing Bismillah Wazifa. Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage The idea is to perform something so powerful and effective, that you remove the obstacles quickly that may be standing in the way of you and your soul mate.

It would work by preventing those hurdles. Wazifa for love marriage from quran If your parents don’t agree with your choice of life partner or if your partner’s parents don’t agree, you will soon notice a change in their behavior. They will spot opposing you and will want to talk to you more.

Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage

Love is everyone’s right. Therefore, if you have found it, it should not let it go easily. It’s hard to find the right person. There is nothing wrong with seeking the help of dua and wazifa to get what you want. There is nothing selfish about spending quality life with the one who deserves to be with you. You should only marry that person who is your soul mate and who understands you. Bismillah Wazifa for Love Marriage That is what Bismillah wazifa is all about.

It is meant to connect two loved ones so they can share and build a meaningful life for each other. One wrong move on the part of marriage can lead to disastrous results. dua for love marriage Therefore, you should not worry or think twice before performing bismillah wazifa if you sense that time is running out of your hands.

Got any questions?

If you are still feeling doubtful or unsure about how to perform this dua, then you need to get in touch with us. We will connect you to an experienced molvi saab who will provide you top-notch guidance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Islamic wazifa for love marriage?
If you are looking for the Islamic Wazifa For Love Marriage, then you are absolutely in the right place. You should recite the dua – “ Ya Lateefu Ya Haleemu ” at any time of the day by 11000 times. You should also pray the Durood Shareef by 11 times before and after reciting the dua. If you pray this Wazifa with all your heart then definitely you will get some good news regarding your love marriage.

What Allah Says about love marriage?
According to the words of the Prophet, “ Nikah is my Sunnah, whosoever turns away from my Sunnah is not from me ”. Love is a natural emotion of human beings. If you have an intention to marry your loved person then there is no Haram in Love Marriage. Likewise, Allah states in the Quran, – “And of His signs is that He created for you from yourselves mates that you may find tranquility in them, and He placed between your affection and mercy. Indeed in that are signs for a people who give thought”.

What does Islam say about love before marriage?
According to Islamic religious belief, Love is a natural emotion that has no predominant existence before its realization. If you love someone and have a bold determination in his/her mind as well as a heart to marry the person in the future to make him/her his/her life partner then definitely he/she is allowed to so without any sin. So, it’s not a Haram in Islam is you love someone before marriage.

Does love always come after marriage for Muslims?
Love is that hidden emotion that gives no sign before its outcome. Love is the holiest feeling that never comes to your door by letting you know about its presence. In Islam, it is always preferred to fall in love after marriage but if you fall in love with some before marriage and have a desire to marry him/her then it’s not a sin in Islam. According to the words of Islamic religious belief, love can come both before and after the marriage.

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