Dua For Heavy Periods

Also known as menses or menstruation, periods are monthly phenomena. Islamic Dua For Heavy Periods That women of reproductive age go through every single month once they have hit puberty. It’s a natural process and a crucial one. islamic dua for endometriosis. Its nature’s way to emptying the body of all the toxins that built up during the month. As well as ridding the body of the uterus lining that is shed every month. Islamic Dua For Heavy Periods

However, for some women this natural process can be a nightmare. Some women go through extreme debilitating pain while others have to deal with heavy prolonged periods. dua for relief from heavy bleeding

Effective dua for women’s reproductive health and excess bleeding

Too much heavy periods can lead to depletion of hemoglobin. And that can lead to lethargy and chronic fatigue syndrome. Such problems can compromise the quality of life. And also take a toll on a woman or girl’s mental health. It can be frustrating to deal with.

Fortunately, in Islam there are ways to correct human anatomy. There are ways to correct your system with the help of dua and power of prayer. The power of prayer alone can put your immune and hormone system in place. Coupled with the power of dua and mercy of Allah, your menstrual life will become super easy and effortless. Your bleeding will become regularized and normal and you won’t have to face this nightmare every month. dua to stop excessive menstrual bleeding

Islamic medicine for irregular periods

This dua is crucial particular because the quality of your menses. Determines the quality of your mental and physical health. A healthy woman will have regular bleeding. But not so profuse that it cause her weakness or frustration. Healthy menses will lead to a healthy life and a healthy mind. That is why this dua is super important for women of menstruating age who experience extreme bleeding for days on end.

If you are feeling frustrated with those days every single month, don’t worry any more. There is hope for you and other women like yourself. dua to get periods immediately in english

What to when you have excessive bleeding and how to perform this dua
First of all, you should continue with your doctor’s advice side by side. Also, make it a point to include plenty of raw fruits and vegetables in everyday diet. Remove processed and sugary foods. dua for periods to come wazifa

Islamic Dua For Heavy Periods

Once that’s taken care of you, you can perform this below dua –
Create an ablution, a fresh one
Recite durud e ibrahmi at least 8 times
Recite durud e shreef 9 times
Perform everyday namaaz
Once again perform durud e ibhrahimi 4 times
Blow your prayers on a clean glass of water
Now drink this glass of water.
Continue to practice this dua for at least 10 days

Even if you are on your periods, you can perform this dua.

Dua for menstruation problems

In Sha Allah, all your menstrual problems will come to a halt and you will be able to lead a peaceful, healthy and happy life.

If you are going through extremely debilitating conditions where bleeding won’t stop, then you need to talk to our molvi saab.

He may recommend that you wear a taweez. Around your neck and wrist. You may have to war this taweez for a month. Or two before things begin to turn around for the good and the positive. But, don’t worry. There is no problem in life so big that you can’t be solved with the power of dua and Allah Miyan’s blessings. long period islam

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