How to get your duas accepted in ramadan

How to get your duas accepted in Ramadan? This is a question on the minds of a lot of Muslim brothers and sisters. And it’s a good question. Are duas accepted in Ramadan? The month of Ramadan is the most powerful one because during these days, during which you are reading many more pages of the Quran than you would during any other month.

Not only are you praying, Sunnah, but you are praying many rakats of Taraweeh as well. Times when dua is accepted during Ramadan, Mulsim brothers and sisters are also doing a powerful and one of the most spectacular forms of Duas.

If you are wondering ‘how to get your duas accepted in Ramadan’, then this is the post for you.

How to get your dua accepted instantly

Here are some ways to do that

Perform dua during that time of the day when the likelihood of it getting accepted is the highest
Make sure to follow proper Dua etiquette
Avoid sin and obey Allah’s orders
Let’s now talk about them in detail.

Pick the Best times for Dua to be Accepted

The last third of the night, when it’s time for suhoor, if you perform your dua during that time, it will benefit you.
You can also perform it after you are done performing the obligatory namaz
Between iqamah and adhan
Perform dua when it’s raining.
Perform dua while you are on a fast
Dua during prostration (sajdah).
After breaking the fast
After Wudu
Will Allah accept my dua in Ramadan.
Follow Dua Etiquette

You can’t just sit down and start performing a Dua. There is a certain etiquette involved in how you are supposed to perform a Dua. You need to follow all the guidelines that have been laid down by our great Prophet.

When you start to perform a Dua, you need to start in the right manner. How to get your duas accepted in Ramadan Meaning, you need to clean yourself properly and make sure that your mind is silent. After all, you need to sit silent and start by Praising Allah Tallah for blessing you. After praising Him, you need to send a message upon our Prophet.

How to get your duas accepted in ramadan

One more way to increase the likelihood of getting your dua accepted is by calling Allah by all His beautiful names. In the Quran, there are several names by which you can Address that Almighty. Try to do that.

Dua for acceptance of dua

Islam is more than just a religion. It’s a lifestyle. It’s a set of rules that will make your life more beautiful than your imagination if you abide by them. Guaranteed dua acceptance It will turn your life into a beautiful, fragrant garden.

Not just that, if you follow all the guidelines of Allah, the chances of your dua getting accepted will be multiplied by several folds. You will be able to win his heart, and he will take your wishes under advisement.

Avoid indulging in sin. For example, you should eat right, and you should not have any bad thoughts in your mind.

You should not eat halal and avoid consuming alcohol. The things that are deemed ‘sinful’ in the Quran you should avoid indulging in them.

Talk to Us

There are several more ways in which you get your dua accepted. If you still have questions about ‘how to get your duas accepted in Ramadan’ – then you should talk to our molvi Ji.

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