Today we want you to know about the girlfriend-boyfriend relationship according to our religion. Our religion Islam doesn’t allow us to date with someone spend more times with your girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Our religion allows to get married and perform the proper ceremony of nikkah along the beloved once.

Allah leaves his barakah over the blessed couple but our religion depends on pure Niyah of a personal religion doesn’t allow boy/girlfriend relationship but if a person is clean minded enough to get married than a person may move forward to make positive efforts without creating any wrong assumptions – (Wazifa to attract your Boyfriend and Girlfriend).

Halal way to perform Wazifa’s and sunnah Amal those are the correct ways to support the halal relationship.

The halal relationship which allows performing lovely Wazaif’s and Duas. If you are being physical and your Niyah is incorrect please stop that because Wazaif’s are the righteous way which supports everything only done in halal ways.


If your thinking is pure enough to support each other, be with each other, make parents agree to accept your relationship happily there are a lot of ways and different Wazaif’s to create softness in all relationships.

A true Muslim speaks the language of righteous deeds enough to be accepted by the one who is only Allah and He makes the pairs in heaven. Allah ignores all sins and advocates His all slaves by accepting His slaves Dua’s and good intentions.

Nowadays girlfriends boyfriends keep on ditching over each other, they hang over with some else behind, only take advantages according to their own needs, they don’t want to get married sometimes or under pressure of some issues like friends, families, casts, financial issues and etc.

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love Allah true encourages created a beautiful relationship. In many cases begins with an emerging friendship between a boy and a girl, walking in the name of marriage. He is married with beautiful families.

Love to unite a company, but the stress and pressure of everyday tasks referred to lose their focus and attention. Over time, the happy moments begins to decline and concerns lifting force takes over.

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The Islamic Wazifa for solve all problem if the humans ie. men and women recite the Wazifa, Istikhara, Surat, Aayat of the holy book of the Quran or in the Sky’s book of the Muslim’s religion and we know that the Islam contains five basic units on which the Islam has existed or standing and the five basic units in which:-

The first one is Kalama
The second one is Roza
The third one is Namaz
The fourth one is Zakat
The fifth one is Haz
This five basic unit the Namaz is the most important in all units because Namaz is compulsory for humans whether the humans are related to men and whether the humans are related to women, so humans have to attend the five times of the Namaz without absent or in regularly way or condition.

The Islamic Wazifa for solving all problems which are creating in the life or life phenomena whether the problems are related to complex or hard and whether the problems are related to an easy or simple because the Islamic Wazifa converts with own power the hard work into easy work.

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