Wazifa For Obedient Wife Update 2023

Allah gives us a great key to get out of different sorts of troubles in the form of Dua or Wazifa, performing those Wazifa for an obedient wife. This wazifa is a powerful and magical gift from Allah to face all the troubles and fought with them and to get the right way to solve any troubles. Sometimes, it seems a remote possibility that you can apply the wazifa for an obedient wife on the current solicitations of your partner would change their behaviour abruptly and make them obedient.

wazifa for obedient wife

This would be a great decision if you can make use of the Quranic Dua or Wazifa under the supervision of Wazifa specialist of Muslim astrologer can prove the beneficial inspect on your wife and made them loyal to you. If you see that your wife is rude for you and doesn’t respect you then you must grasp a hold on her through reciting the most powerful Wazifa. This wazifa works magically with some mystical powers generates a wave of mercy in their heart so that she will never try to deny your command or promises. You can do whatever you wanted to wish from your wife.

Read the following Wazifa for Obedient wife and ablution is a must:-

Read the wazifa “Darood E-Ibraahim” 11 times;
Recite the wazifa “Yaa Waaliyo” 1000 times daily
Recite the wazifa “Aoozubillahi-Minash Shaitan-Ir-rajeem; Bismillah-ir-Rahmaan-ir-Raheem” 99 times daily
Dua for wife to be obedient
We are here to help those people who are facing this trouble which is the batter half doesn’t listen to them. You might have got a baffled when your wife challenges your warrant and got irate on the little contentions. There is the effect of Islamic Wazifa or Dua for the wife to be obedient, your partner’s love is under your control and she must be quite contending with you and must take every one of your directions.

You might have some people or a lot of people who don’t follow you or don’t agree with your decisions, instead they seem to damage you, but you want them to be obedient and follow all of your decisions. T

o make this happen you must recite the following verse:-

Read “Al_Mutakabir” 3125 times with 11 times “Darood Sharif” first and last
Dua for making wife obedient
The powerful and magical Duathese troubles. Follow the below Dua:-

Recite the Dua “Yaa-ar Hamar Raahimeen” 7 times daily
Recite the Dua “Laa-Hawla Wa-laa Quwwata Billaah” 40 times daily
If you can read the above Dua from the deepest part of your heart, you will find a strong relationship between you and your wife.

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